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Class 7 - History - Chapter 2: New Kings and Kingdoms (Worksheet)(#class7History)(#eduvictors)

Class 7 - History - Chapter 2: New Kings and Kingdoms (Worksheet)

CBSE Class 7 Social Science Book: Our Pasts-II

Class 7 - History - Chapter 2: New Kings and Kingdoms (Worksheet)(#class7History)(#eduvictors)

Fill in the blanks with suitable words (from the given below list of words.

Cholas, Dantidurga, Kitab-al-Hind, Prithviraj, Maharaj-Adhiraja, Nadu, Prashastis, Rajaraja I, Samantas, Tripartite

1. The new Kings adopted high-sounding titles such as _____________.

2. By the seventh century there were big landlords or warrior chiefs in different regions of the subcontinent. Existing kings often acknowledged them as their subordinates or _________.

3. ______, Cheras and Pandyas were prominent ruling dynasties in South India.

4. There was constant rivalry between the Palas, the Gurjaras Pratiharas, and the Rashtrakutas. This been termed as the _______ struggle.

5. ________ tell us how rulers wanted to depict themselves-as valiant, victorious warriors.

6. In Cholas empire, the groups of such villages formed larger units called ______.

7. ________, considered the most powerful Chola ruler, became king in 985 and expanded control over most of these areas.

8. Sultan Mahmud of Ghazni entrusted a scholar named Al-Biruni to write an account of the subcontinent. He wrote ________.

9. In mid-eight century _______, a Rashtrakuta chief, performed a ritual called hiranya-garbha and overthrew Chalukya overlord.

10. The Chauhan dynasty had been founded around the 8th century. __________ Chauhan was their greatest ruler. In 1191, he defeated Muhammad Ghori in the First Battle at Tarain.


1. Maharaj-Adhiraja

2. Samantas

3. Cholas

4. tripartite

5. Prashastis

6. Nadu

7. Rajaraja I

8. Kitab-al-Hind

9. Dantidurga

10. Prithviraj

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