Wednesday 13 October 2021

My Aim in Life (English Essays) #eduvictors #essays

My Aim in Life

English Essays & Paragraphs 

My Aim in Life (English Essays) #eduvictors #essays

I want to be an engineer in life. Life is full of variety. There are different types of careers. Because of differences in the natures and abilities of persons, people take up different careers. Opportunities also matter. Sometimes people may have abilities but not opportunities. Then they have to be satisfied with something different. I am lucky in this respect.  My father is an officer with the Government of India. I am the only child of my parents. Luckily I am a good student too. So,if I am selected for the engineering competition, money will be no problem. And I am confident that I will be selected. I am training myself to study seriously from that angle.

I have chosen to be an engineer because of many reasons. First, I like to dabble in technical things. I have been playing with Mechano-Box since early childhood. I can repair ordinary things at home. At college also I have won prizes for my electronic models. Recently my father has purchased a small computer for me. I have learnt to handle it and I enjoy it very much. Also, engineering is a safe profession. One usually gets a job after completing one's course. With the big employment problem in India, it is very important to be able to get a job. Finally, there is job satisfaction in this line. If a person is sincere and reasonably honest, he can get a lot of satisfaction as an engineer. He can have a genuine sense of fulfilment.

There are different branches in engineering like Computers, Electronics, Mechanical, Electrical, Civil, Chemical, Textile, Metallurgical and Architectural etc. I want to go for Computer engineering. This is a developing branch. There is so much scope. I think I shall be able to contribute something if I take it up. this line. I hope God will grant me my wish.

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