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CBSE Class 10 - Chemistry - Redox Reactions - Questions and Answers #class10Chemistry #class10Science #cbseclass10

CBSE Class 10 - Chemistry - Redox Reactions - Questions and Answers

CBSE Class 10 - Chemistry - Redox Reactions - Questions and Answers #class10Chemistry #class10Science #cbseclass10

Q1. What is oxidation?

Answer: Addition of oxygen or removal of hydrogen from a compound is known as oxidation.

Elements or compounds in which oxygen or non-metallic element is added or hydrogen or metallic element is removed are called to be oxidized.

Q2. What is reduction?

Answer: Addition of hydrogen or removal of oxygen from a compound is called Reduction.

The compound or element which undergoes reduction is called to be reduced.

Q3. What is an oxidising agent?


• The substance which gives oxygen for oxidation is called an Oxidising agent.

• The substance which removes hydrogen is also called an Oxidising agent.

Q4. What is a reducing agent?


• The substance which gives hydrogen for reduction is called a reducing agent.

• The substance which removes oxygen is also called a reducing agent.

Q5. What is a redox reaction? Give and example.

Answer: The reaction in which oxidation and reduction both take place simultaneously is called redox reaction.

e.g. When copper oxide is heated with hydrogen, then copper metal and water are formed.

CuO + H₂ → Cu + H₂O

(i) In this reaction, CuO is changing into Cu. Oxygen is being removed from copper oxide.

Removal of oxygen from a substance is called reduction, so copper oxide is being reduced to copper.

(ii) In this reaction, H₂ is changing to H₂O. Oxygen is being added to hydrogen. Addition of oxygen to a substance is called oxidation, so hydrogen is being oxidised to water.

(iii) CuO provides oxygen, it is an oxidising agent.

(iv) H₂ is oxidised, it is a reducing agent.

Q5. The chemical reaction between copper and oxygen can be categorised what type of reaction?

Answer: 2Cu + O₂ → 2CuO

It is a combination reaction and oxidation reaction.

Cu is oxidised to oxygen.

Q6. In the reaction of iron with copper sulphate solution, identify the oxidising agent and reducing agent.

CuSO₄ + Fe —> Cu + FeSO₄

Answer: Fe (Iron) is the reducing agent. CuSO₄ is the oxidising agent.

Q7. Ethanol is converted into acetic acid in the presence of which oxiding agent?

Answer: Alkaline KMnO₄ (Potassium Permaganate) OR Acidified K₂Cr₂O₇ (Potassium DiChromate) are the oxidising agents.

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