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CBSE Class 9 - History - French Revolution - 1 Mark Questions #eduvictors #class9SocialScience

CBSE Class 9 - History - French Revolution - 1 Mark Questions

CBSE Class 9 - History - French Revolution - 1 Mark Questions #eduvictors #class9SocialScience

(1) Who was the king of France during French Revolution?

(2) In how many Estates French society was divided in 18" century?

(3) Who were nobles?

(4) Which Estate of France paid all the taxes?

(5) Who wrote the Book —“The Social Contract”?

(6) Louis XVI was related to which family of French dynasty?

(7) Who wrote the French national anthem — Marsiellaise?

(8) What was Guillotine?

(9) What was Estate General?

(10) Name the currency of France which was used till 1794?

(11) Name the tax which was levied by the Church and was 1/10" of produce?

(12) What was Estate?

(13) What was the work of Priest or clergy?

(14) Name the tax which was paid directly to the state?

(15) What is the situation called in which there is a danger of survival?

(16) When did the abolition of slavery take place in French colonies?

(17) When did Napoleon Bonaparte become the Emperor of France?

(18) When did Napoleon fight the” Battle of Waterloo”?

(19) Why was the reign of Robespierre called as “reign of terror”?

(20) How did France become republic?


(1) Louis XVI

(2) Three estates

(3) Wealthy and high rank officials were called nobles.

(4) The Third Estates paid all the taxes.

(5) Jean Jacques Rousseau

(6) Bourbon family

(7) Roget de L’Isle

(8) The Guillotine was a device consisting of the two poles and blade with which a person was beheaded.

(9) Estate General was a political organisation in France prior to 1789 revolution in which all the Estates sent their representatives.

(10) Livre

(11) Tithe

(12) The social division in French society till late 18‘ century were called Estate.

(13) Todo the prayer as well as special works of church.

(14) Taille

(15) Subsistence crisis

(16) 1848

(17) 1804

(18) 1815

(19) Due to Robespierre’s policy of severe control and punishment during 1793 to 1794, it was called “reign of terror”.

(20) On 21st September 1792 newly elected assembly, abolished the monarchy and declared France as republic.

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