Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Class 10 - English Comm. Workbook - Unit 1 - Determiners

A. There are twenty determiners in the grid given below. Encircle these determiners.

1. The building that I visited today is a museum.
2. A building in which antiques are kept is called a museum.
The word used before building in ….
Sentence 1 is __the____ and in
Sentence 2 is ___a____

B2: Complete the following sentences using appropriate articles.
a. _the__ capital...
b. Australia, __a_ country...
c. __A___ fruit seller does...
d. __The__ girl who lives at...
e. ...countries rely on __a__ type of cocoa...
f. ...considered to be __the_ largest river...
g. _The_ Punjab, __an__ important state...
h. 1950 is __the_ year in which...

B3. Read this extract from a story. Fill in the blanks using a, an or the where necessary.
...changing __the___ lever
...__the___ sun was
...and ___a__ huge reddish
...__The__ Time Machine, in
... ___a___ sloping beach
...___a_____ sea stretch to __the__ horizon
...felt __an___ oppression in my head
...heard ___a___ harsh
...saw ___a__ thing like ___a_____ huge butterfly
...__A__ reddish mass of rock
... was ___a__ monstrous crablike
...though ____a___ fly had lighted
...___an___antenna of ___the__ monster crab.
...placed _the__ time of one month

B4. In groups of four, read the following description from a geography book, and underline the geographical names.

The Himalayas, the highest mountain range in the world, protect India from the cold winds blowing from central Asia and the People's Republic of China. Mount Everest, the highest mountain peak of the world belongs to this range and is situated in Nepal. To the south of the Himalayas, the great northern plains extend between the mouth of the rivers Indus and the Ganga. The Indus, the Ganga and the Brahmaputra start in the Himalayas .The Indus starts in Tibet near Mansarovar Lake. The Ganga rises in the Himalayas and the Brahmaputra, also known as Tsang Po, starts in Tibet. The Ganga and the Brahmaputra join together before flowing into the Bay of Bengal. Between the fertile Indus and Ganga plains are the Aravalli Hills and the Thar Desert.

C1. Add a suitable noun to each of the following determiners in the box below.
a _man___          both _girls___          few _objects___          much _water___
all _friends___   each _person___      little _money___         neither _boys___
an _apple___      either _situation__   many _leaves__          no _answer__
another _girls_    enough _food__       more _notes___          any _thing___
every _student_  most _popular___    several _people_         one _rupee___
some _thing___   two (etc) _cycles__  a lot of _money___

C.3. Given below is a picture of a beautiful scene you saw on your trip to Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh. Write an email to your friend Harsh, in Bangalore, describing the scene. To help you write your e-mail, first match the determiners in the box with items from the picture. (X indicates that the word does not require a determiner.) Apart from the determiners given in the box, you can also use other suitable determiners.

two, three (etc), an, a, the, several, many, very little, every, each, X


         _several/a few/many_mango groves
         _the_______river ganga
         _several____prayer flags
         _a_______team of security officials
         _very little____sand

D1: Kishore stayed with a family during his holiday. As Kishore, write a letter to your parents using the information given below. You will also have to use appropriate determiners in your letter.

Karan Awasthi: 26, hotel manager (five star hotel), recently married, lives in Gurgaon

Wife: Nayantara, fashion designer, post graduate from Delhi University

Shared interests: reading and music, enjoy films together, Karan likes to travel, so does Nayantara. Not happy with present house, plan to move, seen houses but not yet decided. Planning holiday - Ranikhet and Ramgarh


816, C-block
13 February 2011

Dear Mom and Dad,

I am having a good time here with the Awasthis. They are very helpful and fun-loving couple. Karan Awasthi is 26 years old, a young man. He works as a manager in some five star hotel. He is recently married and both live in Gurgaon. His wife, Nayantara is a fashion designer. She is a post graduate from Delhi University.

Both husband and wife love reading and music. Both enjoy films together. Karan likes to travel and so does her wife. They are not happy with their present house and are planning to move. They have seen several houses but have not yet decided which one will suit them. For the coming holidays, all of us are planning for an excursion. During holidays we will visit Ranikhet and Ramgarh.

Yours affectionately


D2. The following paragraph has not been edited...
- the Atlantic Ocean
- a tricky one
- crossing the area
- becalmed for those periods  (Note: suppose we have to add determiner, otherwise 'long' also fits).
- many horses
- the sea
- many sailors
- of the unique
- a 103-foot
- abandoned with her life-boat missing  (Note: her is possessive determiner denotes the ship)
- more than 50 ships

D3. Read the dialogue and fill in the blanks by using words which will help to make the meaning clear.
  1. These two chairs
  2. pair
  3. week
  4. an
  5. any
  6. many
  7. the
  8. the
  9. many
  10. The idea
  11. lot more
  12. few hours
  13. this Saturday
D4. Choose the appropriate option from the box to complete the given sentences.
1. I have been to the Doctor...
2. I had left my green shirt...
3. Is there a fitnetss...
4. An example helps...
5. India's cultural diversity...
6. ...belongs to those people...
7. ...hardly read any book.
8. drove with little care...
9. A little milk is ... (Hint: 'a little' means "not very much", In general little (without "a") is sued for a more negative meaning)
10. some of the mango trees...
11. Each student of...
12. My other sister is ...
13. The three monkeys that escaped
14. I spent the little...
15. ...any of the four...