Sunday, 3 June 2012

Jumbled Up Sentences (Set-2)

Rearrange the following jumbled up sentences into meaningful ones. (asked in various exam papers)

Example: of/care/is important/post-operative/quick recovery/for/a patient
SolvedPost-operative care is important for quick recovery of a patient.
  1. the/first/doctor/a diagnosis/makes/an illness/of
  2. he or she/what/then/kind/decides/of treatment/needed/is
  3. can/treated with/many/be/a course of drug/illnesses
  4. may/the doctor/if/is serious/the case/operate

  1. The doctor first makes a diagnosis of an illness.
  2. Then he or she decides what kind of treatment is needed.
  3. Many illnesses can be treated with a course of drug.
  4. The doctor may operate if the case is serious.

Example: nectar/bees/miles/many/in search of/fly
SolvedBees fly many miles in search of nectar.
  1. human travellers/animals/unlike/maps/have/do not
  2. navigate/different clues/they/instead/many/by using
  3. use/mountains/birds/the rivers/and
  4. the sun/also use/they/as/and stars/a compass
  5. to travel/are known/tigers and lions/miles/water/in search of

  1. Unlike human travellers animals do not have maps
  2. Instead they navigate by using many different clues.
  3. Birds use the rivers  and mountains.
  4. They also use the sun and stars as a compass.
  5. Tigers and lions are known to travel miles in search of water.

example: sports/country/important/an/every/are/society/individual/of /and/,/part
Solved: Sports are an important part of every society, country and individual.

(a) necessary/are/growth/of/sports/for /the/ body/the
(b) body/keep/the/fresh/and/they/fit
(c) give/exercise/to/they/total/body/the
(d) developing/sports/not only/a/mind/but also/help/in/his/body/child’s
(e) they/muscles/bones/ their/strengthen/up/their/tone /and

(a) Sports are necessary for the growth of the body.
(b) They keep the body fit and fresh.
(c) They give exercise to the total body.
(d) Sports help not only in developing a child’s body but also his mind.
(e) They tone up their muscles and strengthen their bones.