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CBSE -Class 10 - English (C) - Workbook - Unit 6 - Connectors

Unit 6 - Connectors - Answers
Few types of connectors
A.2 Read the sentences in Column A and identify the role (i.e. the "job") of the underlined words. Then match each sentence with a role in Column B.

Food and drink prices in New York are          
very high; furthermore, renting an
apartment there is very expensive.          
adds information                             
Ragini has a great sense of humour.
In the same way, her sister Taarini loves
a good joke.
introduces a similar idea
The film had poor reviews. So, I
went out with my friends to see a
play instead.
gives a different/ opposite idea
Sujoy is a lazy boy. Consequently
he failed in his exams.
introduces the results

A.3 Complete the sentences given below using appropriate expressions given in the box.
in other words
I'm afraid
for instance
on the other hand
on the one hand
on the contrary

  1. The agenda for development should _on the one hand_ encourage industrialization and _on the other hand_ preserve the environment and human rights.
  2. My new job is very demanding, _nevertheless_ I enjoy the challenge it offers to my creativity.
  3. The team did not get discouraged by the early setback. _on the contrary_ it started playing a more aggressive game.
  4. I have managed to find a flat near my work spot and I will be moving in there by next week. _incidentally_, I met Prof. Anil Kapoor, our economics teacher at college, during the house hunting.
  5. Many roadside restaurants cut cost by using cheap ingredients in their dishes. Take the cooking medium, _for instance_. Instead of good  quality refined oil, they mostly use palmoline which has high levels of saturated fatty acids.
  6. The Sharmas decided to go to the USA to stay with their son. Consequently_ they had to dispose of their flat at Jaipur.
  7. The committee considers the quotation submitted by the firm rather unrealistic. In other words, the firm will not be able to deliver the product in time as per the specifications stipulated.
  8. Though the demand of the union appears to be reasonable, _I'm afraid_ that the company will not be able to accede to it is the present market conditions.
B. Adding information
B.1 You are already familiar with words like and, as well as, and also to add information already given in a sentence. You will now learn to use more formal words to add information. These are furthermore, moreover, additionally, and in addition which are particularly useful in formal writing.

Complete the following sentences using furthermore, moreover, additionally, and in addition.

1. Their team has got the best players. __Furthermore, their coach is fantastic.

2. We had a terrible time on our holiday. The weather was hot; _in addition, the air was humid.

3. Greens contain Vitamin A. _Additionally, they are rich sources of iron.

4. In addition  to being a good student, Rahul works very hard to help his parents.

5. He is ignorant; _furthermore_, he is lazy.

6. That house isn't big enough for us, and _moreover, it's too expensive.

➽ 'Furthermore', 'moreover' are used when we talk formally. Connectors like 'in addition to', 'on the top of that', 'besides', are used informal manner.

B.2 Write a second sentence in each pair, using the clues and a suitable connector.

1. Harbhajan scored a half century in the first Quarter Finals of the World Cup Cricket Match against the West Indies. (five wickets).
⇒ In addition to this, he took five wickets in the match.
⇒ On the top of that, he took five wickets in the match.

2. Rohini is a good singer. (dancer)
⇒ Rohini is a good singer besides being a dancer.
⇒ Rohini is a good singer. She is a dancer also.

3. Deforestation leads to drought. (global warming)
⇒ Deforestation leads to drought; moreover, it leads to global warming.

4. Wildlife sanctuaries in India are home to elephants, tigers and rhinos. (preserve endangered species)
⇒ Wildlife sanctuaries in India are home to elephants, tigers and rhinos, furthermore, they preserve endangered species.

C Presenting a different idea

C.1. The Students' Council of your school has made a survey of two different classes: Class A and Class B. The survey was designed to find out what students like about the school and what they would like to change.

The students were asked the following questions:
1. What is your favourite school subject?
2. What is your favourite school club?
3. What other co-curricular activities would you like the school to organize?
4. What do you like best about the school?
5. What would you like to change about the school?

They came up with the following answers:

   Class A              Class B
1. MathsHistory
2. Chess ClubMusic Club
3. A girls' cricket club      A computer club
4. Caring teachersGood library
5. Less ProjectsMore activities

The paragraph below is a comparison of the views of the two classes. Complete the passage by filling in the blanks with but, whereas and while. More than one option cab be used in some blanks.

Class A agreed that Maths was their favourite subject _but__ Class B liked History best. _Wheras__ the Chess Club was the favourite of Class A, B preferred the Music Club. As an additional co-curricular activity, Class A suggested the organising of a girls' cricket team, _while_ Class B wanted the establishment of a computer club. Regarding the most popular feature of the school, Class A liked the school's caring teachers _but_ Class B commended the good library. Finally, both wanted a change in the school's attitude towards projects and activities. However, _while_ Class A wanted less number of Projects for each term, Class B wanted the learning to happen through more hands-on activities.

C.2. You are familiar with the use of but, whereas and while to present a different, or unexpected, idea. We may also use however, nonetheless or nevertheless in formal writing. Complete the following sentences using appropriate connectors.

1. Kareena is rich; _however_, her cousin Karun is poor.

2. Cotton farmers in Karnataka are facing serious problems. _Nevertheless, the Government is not offering any help.

3. Jatin wasn't tired. _Nonetheless, he took a nap.

4. We live in the same building; _however, we hardly ever see each other.

5. She's extremely rich; _nonetheless/nevertheless_, she's not snobbish.

➽ 'Nevertheless' is used in a very formal manner.

C.3. Work in pairs. Write a second sentence in each pair, using the clues and a suitable connector.

a) He went on a diet, hoping to become slim and attractive. (malnutrition - inactive)
    But malnutrition made him inactive.

b) The hotel did not offer the facilities we needed for our annual conference. (vacation)
     Consequently, we cancelled our vacation.

c) AIDS cannot be cured. (prevent)
    AIDS cannot be cured but/nevertheless, it can be prevented.

D. Concession
D.1. Think of things about yourself which surprise people.
Now write down three sentences like these about yourself. Share them with your partner.

  1. Although I live in Delhi, I am still clueless about its roads.
  2. Although I am feeling tired, I can go with you to watch cinema.
  3. I am a slow walker, but I never walk backwards. (famous quote by Abraham Lincoln)

D.2. Complete the following sentences using your own ideas.

  1. Although the day started quite well, it ended with mess all around.
  2. I voted for Ragini as the Head Girl but she didn't meet my expectations.
  3. Five witnesses say he stole the money yet the judge is not convinced.
  4. Even though he worked very hard, he failed to qualify the examination.
  5. She had hurt her foot that morning. However, she managed to attend the school.
D.3. Despite and In spite of
Study the jumbled words given below and form meaningful sentences.

1. the/ he/ top/ despite/ ill/ being/ came/ of/ class.
⇒ Despite being ill, he came to top of  the class.

2. his/ in spite of/ he/ well/ copes/ disabilities
⇒In spite of his disabilities, he copes well.

3. smell/ in spite of/ its/ it/ tasted/ wonderful
⇒ It tasted wonderful in spite of its smell.

4. our/ voting/ despite/ Vijay/ for/ lost/ elections/ he/ as / Head Boy/ the
⇒  Despite our voting for Vijay as the Head Boy, he lost elections.

E Expressing a Similar Idea
E.1 Select an appropriate connector from the box to complete the following sentences.

a) In most cities, there are serious traffic jams in the morning rushhour._In the same way_ there is heavy traffic in the late afternoon.

b) Cars must stop at a red traffic light. _Similarly, pedestrians must only cross when the light is red.

E.2 Write a second sentence in each space below using the clues given and a suitable connector.


a) Ramesh framed a timetable to prepare for board examination.  (ask, his friend)
⇒ He asked his friend to frame a time table in the same way.

b) Generally, people are afraid of snakes. (snakes-us)
⇒ Similarly, snakes are afraid of us.

c) Suspecting every stranger you come across is wrong. (trusting, dangerous)
⇒ Similarly, trusting every stranger is also dangerous.

d) Food hygiene is very important for our health. (clear air)
⇒ In the same way, clear air is also very important for our health.

F. Time connectors
F.1 Read the story below. Fill in the blanks with an appropriate connector of time

It was late at night. Ashok had been sleeping for several hours (1) _when he_ was woken by a furious knocking at the door. (2) _After_ checking his watch and putting on his dressing gown, he staggered sleepily towards the door. (3) _As_ he looked through the keyhole he saw a very strange sight : it was the big, bearded watchman of the flats shivering in a woman's dressing gown! (4)_After_ he saw this, Ashok rushed back to his bedroom and, (5) _when_ in bed, pulled the covers over his head shaking with shock. (6) _In the meantime_ he lay there he could hear desperate shouting and banging but Ashok ignored it and (7) _soon _ fell asleep.

F.2 The following morning, Ashok meets the watchman who gives him an explanation for his strange behaviour the previous night.

• watchman in bed-trying to get to sleep
• hears window banging outside
• goes outside flat • wind blows door shut
• watchman locked out, knocks on Ashok's door
• sleeps on stairs
• gets locksmith in the morning


"As I was lying in bed, trying to get to sleep, I heard a window banging outside. Before leaving, I put on my wife's dressing gown because it was the only thing I could find. While I was trying to close the window, I went outside flat. All of sudden, wind blew and shut the door. I was locked out. In the meantime, I knocked on your door.  At last I had to sleep on stairs. Later in the morning, I got locksmith who helped me unlock my room."

G. Purpose connectors
G.1 In pairs, answer the following questions (Try to be imaginative!).

1. Why do we go to school?
⇒  To get bored.
⇒  Because enjoyment begins at schools.
⇒ To have fun and learn.

2. Why do we have laws?
⇒ So that we can break them.
⇒ Otherwise, it would be chaos everywhere.

3. Why do children play games?
⇒because they want to have fun.

G.2 What are these for?

1. Why are there such big headlights?
⇒ So that I feel safer at night.

2. Why are there two sets of brakes?
⇒ (d) In case one fails.

3. Why are there springs over the wheels?
⇒ (b) To protect the tyres.

4. Why do you have such big mudguards?
⇒ (a) Otherwise it would be very uncomfortable.

5. What's this lever for?
⇒ (e) For changing gear.

H Explaining Why

H.1 Write a sentence on each of the prompts given below using any of the examples from the box.
so…….. that
too …... to +verb
not …… enough to +verb

1. She is not intelligent enough to pass the examination.
2. She is too weak to stand up.
3. It is so hot that we cannot go out for a walk.
4. The soil of this land is not fertile enough to grow rice.
5. This place is too small to accommodate all of us.

H.2 Look at the table and write three sentences in the space below, using 'so….that'

  1. They were so tired that they could not go for a walk.
  2. They were so tired that they did not perform well in the programme.
  3. They were so sick that they did badly in their exams.
H.3 Complete the following sentences, using so……. that correctly.

  1. Yadu is so handsome that people sing songs in praise of him.
  2. He was so muddle head that he put his boots on the wrong feet.
  3. The audience were so emotionally involved in the programme that they started dancing with the performers.
  4. The crowd were so excited they cheered for the performance.
I.  Whoever, whatever, wherever, whenever, however, whichever: These 'wh+ever" constructions also can be used to connect clauses. Complete the following sentences using an appropriate, 'wh+ever' construction.

  1. Whoever_ has broken the window, one of us will have to pay for it.
  2. However_quickly I dry my hair after washing it, I catch a cold.
  3. Take this statuette, talisman or _whatever_it is, and put it _wherever_you can find room for it.
  4. Whoever_told you to keep off chocolates was quite right; you're much slimmer now. You should go on doing _whatever_he tells you to.
  5. If any of your students disturbs me again, I shall report it to the principal, _whoever_they may be. Your class makes a lot of noise_whenever_ there is a test in the next class.
  6. Take _whichever_one you want! If you change your mind, bring it back _whenever_you like! This is our special New Year offer!


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