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CBSE Class 7 - Science - CH3 - Fibre to Fabric (MCQs)

 Fibre to Fabric 

Q1: Which of the following is NOT a Vegetable fibre?

(a) flax
(b) silk
(c) hemp
(d) jute

Q2: Vegetable fibres are made up of

(a) cellulose
(b) protein
(c) nylon
(d) rayon

Q3: Animal Fibres are made up of

(a) cellulose
(b) protein
(c) nylon
(d) rayon

Q4:  Which of the following process is NOT part of wool extraction?

(a) Shearing
(b) Scouring
(c) Sorting
(d) Reeling

Q5: Removal of wool from a sheep is known as __________.

(a) Rearing
(b) Sorting
(c) Shearing
(d) Scouring

Q6: Sericulture is ________________.

(a) rearing of silk worms
(b) rearing of sheep
(c) cotton plantation
(d) rearing of honey bees

Q7: Which of the following statements is NOT true?

(a) Workers in wool industry generally suffer from Sorter's disease.
(b) Bakhrwal is an Indian breed of sheep.
(c) Rayon is a natural fibre.
(d) Shearing is usually done in summer season.

Q8: Which country is the most producing silk in the world?

(a) China
(b) India
(c) Bangladesh
(d) Japan

Q9: The fleece are combed to remove _______

(a) Burrs.
(b) Dust.
(c) Low quality hair.
(d) None of these

1: (b) silk - it is an animal fibre
2: (a) cellulose
3: (b) protein
4: (d) Reeling - it is part of silk extraction.
5: (c) Shearing
6: (a) rearing of silk worms
7: (c) Rayon is a natural fibre.
8: (a) China
9: (a) Burrs


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