Tuesday 30 September 2014

CBSE Class 11 - 12 English Grammar - Official Sentences

Official Sentences

Following sentences or phrases are commonly used for official or administrative work.

  1. Arrangements are being made to ensure timely submission of reports.
  2. Administrative approval may be obtained.
  3. Competent authority's sanction is necessary.
  4. Concurrence of the finance branch is necessary.
  5. Exigencies of administrative work.
  6. Explanation from the defaulter may be obtained.
  7. His request be acceded to.
  8. In anticipation of your approval.
  9. Such action may be deemed necessary.
  10. Repugnant to the context.
  11. Show cause as to why such action should not be taken.
  12. The file in question is not traceable.
  13. Timely compliance may be ensured.
  14. ... has no comment to make/offer.
  15. Relevant Papers may please be put up.
  16. Please put up the case with previous papers.
  17. Please make a special note of this decision.
  18. Obtain formal sanction please.
  19. Please confirm.
  20. Immediate disposal of the case is requested.
  21. Sanction is hereby accorded to...
  22. Seen and returned.
  23. Delay is regretted.
  24. Please circulate and file.
  25. Matter is under consideration.
  26. Draft Sanction letters put up for approval.
  27. His request may be acceded to.
  28. Decided after careful consideration...
  29. Attention is invited/drawn.
  30. Seek explanation/clarification.

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