Friday, June 19, 2015

CBSE Class 7 Science CH10 Respiration In Organisms (MCQs)

Respiration In Organisms

Human Respiratory System
image credits: wikipedia


Q1: Breathing is a ________ process while respiration is a _______ process.

(a) physical, chemical
(b) chemical, physical
(c) physical, physical
(d) chemical, chemical

Q2: Organisms which respire in absence of air are called _________. 

(a) microbes
(b) anaerobes
(c) aerobes
(d) none of these

Q3: Plants breathe through tiny pores in the leaves called ________.

(a) leaf blade
(b) trachea
(c) pores
(d) stomata

Q4: In earthworm, the exchange of gases occurs through ________.

(a) lungs
(b) gills
(c) moist skin
(d) tracheae

Q5: During Inspiration or Inhalation, inside lungs

(a) volume decreases pressure increases
(b) volume increases pressure decreases
(c) volume decreases pressure decreases
(d) volume increases pressure increases

Q6: Insects have several openings on lateral sides of their bodies which lead to air tubes. These openings are called 

(a) tracheae
(b) spiracles
(c) lungs
(d) gills

Q7: When we breathe out, exhaled air turns lime water into _______ due to presence of ________.

(a) orange, oxygen
(b) milky, oxygen
(c) milky, carbon dioxide
(d) milky, carbon monoxide

Q8: Which of the following animal can breathe through skin as well through lungs?

(a) fish
(b) mammal
(c) cockroach
(d) frog

Q9: Tiny air sacs of lungs are called ______.

(a) alveoli
(b) trachea
(c) bronchi
(d) larynx

Q10: Find the odd one out.

(a) Nasal Cavity
(b) Nostrils
(c) Pharynx
(d) Trachea

1: (a) physical, chemical
2: (b) anaerobes
3: (d) stomata
4: (c) moist skin
5: (b) volume increases pressure decreases
6: (b) spiracles
7: (c) milky, carbon dioxide
8: (d) frog
9: (a) alveoli
10: (c) Pharynx


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