Friday 30 September 2011

NTSE SAT Sample Question Paper -1

NTSE SAT Sample Question Paper - 1

1. In the Eisenstein equation E=mc², c denotes to
    a. velocity of sound
    b. the velocity of light.
    c. wavelength of light
    d. a constant factor.

2. Bamboo is an example of 
    a. herb
    b. shrub
    c. tree
    d. giant tropical grass

3. Which of the following is a method to prevent soil erosion? 
    a. plant more trees
    b. making dams
    c. cutting trees
    d. none of these

4. Besides nitrogen and phosphorus, the element commonly present in artificial fertilizer is:
    a. barium
    b. calcium
    c. pottasium
    d. sodium

5. Acid rain is caused due to pollution of the environment by:
    a. ozone and carbon dioxide
    b. carbon dioxide and nitrogen
    c. carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide
    d. nitrous oxide and sulphur dioxide

6. The number of chromosomes present in humans is
    a. 23
    b. 43
    c. 46
    d. 48

7. On which of the following principles does a videotape used to record motion pictures?
    a. Photographic film
    b. Octoelctron recording
    c. Magnetic tape
    d. plastic tape.

8. The cheapest source of energy is:
    a. nuclear energy
    b. thermal energy
    c. solar energy
    d. hydroelectric energy

9. Recoil of gun is an example of 
    a. conservation of energy
    b. conservation of mass
    c. conservation of linear momentum
    d. none of these

10. The apparatus sphygmomanometer is used to measure
    a. water pressure
    b. blood pressure
    c. atmospheric pressure
    d. none of these

11. Which of the following vitamin is associated with rickets?
    a. Vitamin A
    b. Vitamin D
    c. Vitamin E
    d. Vitamin K

12. Radioactivity was discovered by:
    a. Madam Curie
    b. Rutherford
    c. Roentgen
    d. Henry Becquerel

13. The element which has the same atomic number and atomic weight is:
    a. Hydrogen
    b. Helium
    c. Nitrogen
    d. Oxygen

14. Local time of a place depends upon
      a. latitude
      b. sunrise
      c. both (a) and (b)
      d. none of these

15. Which of the following tides occur when the sun and the moon are in line with the earth?
      a. Ebb tide
      b. Neap tide
      c. Spring tide
      d. none of these

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Answers: 1-b   2-d   3-a   4-c   5-d  6-c   7-c    8-c   9-c  10-b  11-b   12-d   13-a  14-b  15-c

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