Saturday, 1 October 2011

Grammar Quiz-1 (Nouns)

Grammar Quiz (Nouns)
Q1: Identify which of the following are abstract noun or a proper noun
     a. muffin ............
     b. violin  ............
     c. freedom  ...........
     d. elegance ...........
     e.  train

Q2: Underline the noun(s) in the sentences below. The sentences may have more than one noun.
     a. She read the play over again.
     b. The actions became monotonous.
     c. He felt that his marriage, his relationship with her,was strong.
     d. The time had finally come to confess the truth.
     e. He’s the boy who delivers the paper.
Q3: The following sentences have not been edited. Write each sentence in correct form.
     a. A large number of the fishes died due to pollution of water.
     b. Many peoples left the place
     c. Riches have wings.
     d. No news are released today.
     e. This five rupees note is a soiled one.

Q4: Four parts of each of the following sentences are underlined. One of them is not acceptable in written English. Pick up the unacceptable. If there is no error, pick, mark 'E'.
     a. My fathers's secretary's wife  met with an accident. NO ERROR
                            A                          B        C     D               E

     b. It is better to continue your study. NO ERROR
          A      B          C             D               E

     c.  He showered many abuses on me. NO ERROR
                A                  B            C  D           E
     d. The weather of New York is not good. NO ERROR
1: a-proper   b-proper   c-abstract    d-abstract    e-proper
2: a-play   b-actions    c-marriage, relationship     d-time, truth    e-boy, paper 
3: a-fish    b-people    c-has   d-is   e-five rupee
4. a-A    b-D    c-B   d-A

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