Tuesday 25 October 2011

Maths Challenges (Questions)

Maths Challenges (Questions)

Q1:A circle and two distinct lines are drawn on a sheet of paper. What is the largest possible number of points of intersection of these figures?
    (a) 2        (b) 3      (c)  4    (d) 5
Q2: Reena tosses a coin four times. The probability that she gets at least as many heads as tails is
    (a) 5/6      (b) 3/8     (c) 11/16      (d) 5/8

Q3: Given that the product of two whole numbers m × n is a prime number, and the value of m is
smaller than n, find the value of m.

Q4: Jane has 9 boxes with 9 accompanying keys. Each box can only be opened by its accompanying
key. If the 9 keys have been mixed up, find the maximum number of attempts Jane must make
before she can open all the boxes.                     (Singapore Asia-Pacific Mathematical Olympiad Competition)

Q5: If 32 people were to enter a statewide singles tennis tournament, how many matches would be played, including the championship?

Q6: I have 2 vats each containing 2 mats. 2 cats sat on each of the mats. Each cat wore 2 funny old hats. On each hat lay 2 thin rats. On each rat perched 2 black bats. How many things are in my vats? (NCERT class 7 Maths Brain Teasers)

Q7: How many positive integers less than and equal to 999 are divisible by 7 but not by 11?

Q8(SMOPS): How many digits are there before the hundredth 9 in the following number

Q9(Olympiad): Suppose today is Tuesday. What day of the week shall it be 100 days from now?

Follow the link to see the answers Maths Challenges (Answers)


  1. Superb Questions ---------------Brain Sratching

  2. the answer for question no. 9 is Thursday...

  3. The answer for Q.5 is - 31 matches

  4. i feel the answer of possibilities in question number 2 should be 8

  5. plz tell me a clear explanation of question 2


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