Thursday 13 October 2011

NTSE SAT Sample Question Paper - Set 2

NTSE SAT Sample Question Paper (Set 2)

1. The SI unit of electric current is:
   a. ampere 
    b. candela
    c. mole 

    d. none of these

2. A man is standing on a boat in still water. If he walks towards the shore the boat will
    a. move away from the shore
    b. remain stationary
    c. move towards the shore
    d. sink

3. A body is weighed at the poles and then at the equator. The weight
    a. at the equator will be greater than at the poles 
    b. at the poles will be greater than at the equator
    c. at the poles will be equal to the weight at the equator
    d. none of these

 4. The temperature of water at the bottom of a large waterfall is higher than that of the water at the top, because 
     a. the falling water absorbs heat from the sum
     b. the KE of the falling water is converted into heat
     c. the water at the bottom has greater PE
     d. rocks on the bed of the river give out heat

5. The chemical formula for Plaster of Paris is:
     a. $\left( CaSO_{4} \right)_2 \cdot H_2O$
     b. $CaSO_{4}\cdot H_2O$
     c. $CaSO_{4}\cdot 2H_2O$
     d. $CaSO_{4}$

6. Which of the following is the hardest substance known ?
    a. Graphite
    b. Iron
    c. Diamond
    d. coke

7. Which of the following elements is not present in stainless steel ?
    a.  Iron
    b. Tungsten
    c. Chromium
    d. Nickel

8. Rearing of bees is
    a. horticulture
    b. apiary
    c. apiculture
    d. poultry

9.  Nitrogen fixation is performed by
     a. Green algae and fungi
     b. Legumes and cereals
     c. Ferns and cycads
     d. Blue green algae & bacteria

10. LPG mainly contains
      a. Methane
      b. $H_2$, Methane and Ethane
      c. Methane & Ethane
      d. Butane and Isobutane

11. Non-metals are generally bad conductors of electricity. However, graphite is a good conductor of  electricity because it
      a. is an allotrope of carbon.
      b. has loosely bound electrons.
      c. is brittle.
      d. forms basic oxide.

12.  Metals are generally (i) good conductors of heat and electricity, (ii) lustrous, (iii) hard and (iv) ductile. Mercury has been categorized as metal because of which properties:
     a, (ii) and (iii)
     b. (ii) and (iv)
     c. (i) and (ii)
     d. (i) and (iv)

13. Which of the cells are likely to possess the highest numbers of mitochondria?
    a. hair cells
    b. skin surface cells
    c. red blood cells
    d. muscle cells

14. Which of the cells are likely to show lysosomal activity?
     a. gland cells
     b. skin cells
     c. damaged cells
     d. hair cells

15. Mass of neutron is
     a. 1.00727 amu
     b. 0.00054 amu
     c. 1.00867 amu
     d. 10.0867 amu 

Answers: 1-a     2-a     3-b    4-c   5-a     6-c     7-b    8-c   9-d  10-d 
               11-b  12-c   13-d   14-c  15-c

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