Wednesday 2 November 2011

Chemical Formula for daily use material

Chemical Formula for daily use material

Following is the list of substances of daily use and their chemical formula. It is seen there is always a question in NTSE asking chemical formula of daily use material.

Chemical Formula for daily used substances
Compound Name Formula Uses
AcetaminophenC8H9NO2 pain reliever
Acetic acidC2H4O2 tart ingredient in vinegar
AmmoniaNH3 fertilizer, household cleaner when dissolved in water
Ascorbic acidC6H8O6 vitamin C
Aspirin C9H8O4pain reliever
Baking sodaNaHCO3cooking
CaffeineC8H10N4O2the stimulant in coffee, tea, some soda
Calcium carbonate CaCO3antacid
Carbon dioxideCO2carbonating agent in soda
EthanolC2H5OHdisinfectant, alcoholic beverages
Ethylene glycolC2H6O2antifreeze
Hydrochloric acidHClcalled muriatic acid, cleans mortar from brick
Magnesium hydroxideMg(OH)2antacid
MethaneCH4natural gas, fuel (also called Marsh Gas)
Phosphoric acidH3PO4flavouring in soda
Potassium tartrateK2C4H4O6cream of tartar, cooking
PropaneC3H8fuel for cooking
Sodium ChlorideNaClflavouring (table salt), freezing
Sodium carbonateNa2CO3washing soda
Sodium hydroxideNaOHdrain cleaner
Sulfuric acidH2SO4battery acid
WaterH2Owashing, cooking, cleaning
Water gasH2 + COheating and lighting
GypsumCaSO4.H2Oplaster of paris

Another list is also posted on the wiki.


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