Wednesday 2 November 2011

NTSE (SAT Quiz-3)

NTSE (SAT Quiz-3)

Q1: Which of the following is an antibiotic?
       a. Aspirin
       b. Penicillin
       c. Paracetamol
       d. Sulphadizine

Q2: Digestion of food starts in:
       a. mouth
       b. liver
       c. stomach
       d. intestines

Q3: By taking the pulse rate of the human body, a doctor determines
       a. heartbeat
       b. functioning of heart valves
       c. condition of lever
       d. functioning of lungs

Q4: A thermostat is used to
       a. purify air
       b. regulate humidity
       c. regulate temperature
       d. regulate air pressure

Q5: Heat from the sun reaches the earth by
        a. reflection
        b. conduction
        c. convection
        d. radiation

Q6: Dew forms most readily on nights that are:
        a. calm and clear
        b. stormy
        c. windy
        d. cloudy

Q7: The full moon rises in the
        a. east
        b. west
        c. south
        d. north

Q8: An aeroplane is able to fly because
       a. it is lighter than air
       b. it is heavier than air
       c. it is made up of very light material
       d. moving air can lift objects

Q9: The souring of milk is caused by the action of
        a. protozoan
        b. bacteria
        c. virus
        d. fungus

Q10. The smallest thing that can cause disease in the human body is
         a. flea
         b. bacteria
         c. protozoa
         d. virus

Q11: The most abundant gas in the air is:
         a. oxygen
         b. carbon dioxide
         c. nitrogen
         d. hydrogen

Q12: Which element is common between brass and bronze
         a. copper
         b. Iron
         c. Zinc
         d. Aluminium

Q13: The densest element known so far is
         a. gold
         b. mercury
         c. osmium
         d. tungsten

Q14: The most ductile element is
         a. gold
         b. silver
         c. iron
         d. aluminium

Q15: The metal having the highest melting point is
         a. chromium
         b. tungsten
         c. diamond
         d. Silver

Answers: 1-b     2-a     3-a     4-c    5-d     6-a     7-a    8-d    9-b    10-d
                11-c    12-a   13-c    14-a   15-b

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