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CBSE Class 10 - English Communicative Workbook - Integrated Grammar Practice 7

Integrated  Grammar Practice 7

Answer 1: Edit the passage

The Butterfly Effect is a metaphor who encapsulateswhowhich
a concept of sensitive dependence on initialathe
conditions in chaos theory; naming that smallinof
different in the initial condition of a complexdifferentdifference
systems may produced large variations in thesystemssystem
long termed behaviour of the system. A balltermedterm
placed in the crest of a hill would roll into any ofwouldwill
the several valleys depended on slight differencesdependeddepending
in the initial position.--
*it seems the book has misprinting. Instead of "produced", it should be "produce"

Answer 2:

(i) i. The Chennai region ___topped in CBSE X__ for the second consecutive year with 96.18 % of students clearing the CBSE exam in 2010.

ii. The Indian Meteorologoical department formally announced _that heatwave will subside next week in north India_.

iii. About 100 huts near Vyasarpadi railway station _have been destroyed  in fire_ that broke out early on Friday.

iv Education Consultant Mr Jayan Gandhi's advice to media aspirants was _that there was tremendous scope for literature graduates__.

v Twelve people were injured and _seven were killed in the road accident__.

Answer 3:

(a) (ii) seem to be growing similar
(b) (iii) make it an ideal hotel for tourists
(c) (i) Located along Chowringee Lane, and facing the Hooghly
(d) (ii) it includes a stay at the Hotel Park-View
(e) (i) there was none which could offer

4. Complete the following passage about Aung San Suu Kyi by filling up the blanks with suitable options.

Aung San Suu Kyi (a) _______ a figurehead for Myanmar's struggle for democracy (b) ________ 1988. She was educated in Burma, India, and the United Kingdom, (c) __________ she got her PhD. In 1988 she returned home (d)__________ for her dying mother. Myanmar was in political chaos (e) ________ a new military junta took power. A nationwide uprising (f) _______ the Generals started and Suu Kyi (g) __________ for freedom and democracy. Suu Kyi was kept (h) __________ house arrest for the best part of two decades till 13 November, 2010. She was awarded the Nobel Prize.

  (i) has been  ✓
 (ii) had been
 (iii) was
 (iv) is become

    (i) from
   (ii) since  ✓
  (iii) between
  (iv) in

  (i) when
 (ii) there
 (iii) here
 (iv) where ✓

   (i) caring
  (ii) cared
  (iii) to care ✓
  (iv) cares

   (i) before
  (ii) after
  (iii) when ✓
  (iv) where

   (i) opposed
  (ii) opposite
  (iii) against ✓
  (iv) again

   (i) is campaigned
  (ii) campaigning
  (iii) campaigned ✓
  (iv) was campaigning

   (i) in
  (ii) above
 (iii) below
  (iv) under ✓

5. Mohini met her friend Rajiv at the bus stand after a gap of five years. Later Mohini writes to her friend, Rekha about their conversation. Read the dialogue given below and complete the letter that follows.

Mohini:            Hello, Rajiv. I haven't seen you for ages.
Rajiv:I was in the United States for three years. I had gone there to do  Masters in Business Administration. I just returned a week ago.
Mohini:Did you have a good time there?
Rajiv:Yes, I did. I finished my masters in two years and then I worked there for a year.
Mohini:Are you back for good?
Rajiv:No, I'm here for my brother's wedding. I'll be going back next week.


Dear Rekha,

You won't believe whom I met at the bus stand yesterday! Rajiv. I told him that it was nice to meet him as (a)we hadn't met for ages. He informed me that (b) he was in US doing Masters in Business Administration. He returned a week ago after spending three years in the United States. I asked him (c) if he had a good time there and he told me that he did. When I asked him if he was back in India for good he said that he (d) was here for his brother's wedding and that he would be going back the next week.

With love

6. The following passage has not been edited. There is one error in each of the lines. Write the incorrect word and the correction in your answer sheet as given below against the correct blank number. Remember to underline the word that you have supplied.


Children love picnics and outings of their parents                      e.g. of …. with
though they are equally happier doing things witha) happy
them around the house. A parent may makeb) in
his child feels special by following some simplec) feel
rituals. Bedtime stories, the game of cards ord) a
simply talking and laugh together before going toe) laughing
bed gives children a wonderful sensef) the
of well-being. They hardly ever forgot these moments,g) forget
and cherish them throughout these lives.h) their



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  4. In the first exercise, in the e) subdivision - the word "systems" has been edited into "system", but that doesn't give a correct sentence unless the word "produced" is also changed as "produce". But two corrections are not possible. Can anyone explain what should be done in this case?

    1. Correct it should be "produce". I believe it is misprinting in the book.

    2. Ya,I agree with you it is printing mistake.

  5. Yes I also agree with swarshitha as the sentence is not making any sense..........please check it.

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