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CBSE - Class 10 - English - Communicative Workbook - Unit 3- SUBJECT-VERB AGREEMENT


A.1. Read the following dialogue. First, underline the word or words that represent the subject in each sentence of the dialogue. Then circle the verbs that each subject refers to. (One has been done for you as an example)


1. Is it true that the students from the Space Research Centre are arriving this evening?

2. Yes, the study they are conducting needs an elevated location like our campus.
(another one:   they-are conducting)

3. I agree. The constellation they are going to observe is clearly visible from here.

4. What about the team supervisor? Is he coming?
(In first sentence verb 'is' is silent referring to subject team supervisor).

5. No, their manager called this morning. The supervisor is busy making arrangements for the
committee which is to arrive tomorrow.

6. I have heard that he is going to join politics.
(Since 'that' is joining two sentences, another one is he-is going).

7. Yes, this news is true.
(Note: 'is', 'are', 'am', 'be' are known as helping or auxiliary verbs)

8.  But honesty is his policy and politics is a corrupt game these days.
(Subject verb pairs are: honesty - is, politics-is)

9. Yes, but that does not mean that good people should not join politics.
(another one: people-should not join)

10. Yes, you are right.

11. When the pick-up bus that we have sent to the railway station arrives here, we may need help
to shift the luggage which, I presume, is going to be very heavy.

A.3 List the subjects from the dialogues in A1 under the following headings.

Countable Singular        Countable Plural              Uncountable
railway station

A.4 Work in pairs and decide whether the following are countable singular (cs), countable plural (cp) or uncountable (uc).

(a)feet: cp
(b) person: cp
(c) news: cs
(d) oxen: cp
(e) tooth: cs
(f) coffee: uc
(g) knife: cs
(h) boxes: cp
(i) goose: cs
(j) gentlemen: cp
(k) oil: uc
(l) furniture: uc

A.5. Some nouns look as if they are plural, but are in fact singular.
Clue                      Subject
E = mC2Physics
1+1 = 2Mathematics

Work in pairs and complete the following spider diagrams, a, b and c. All the words will be related to the word in the centre. Some clues are given.

All the above nouns look like plurals (i.e. they end in s.) But they are, in fact, singular nouns
For these nouns we use a …singular… verb.

A.6. Fill in the blanks with appropriate verbs to complete this biography of Rickety Ron.
Rickety Ron is a student of statistics, which for many years…has….. been his favourite subject. Ron has always loved playing with numbers. Dramatics …is… his life but every time he takes a role for stage acting, he's mysteriously down with mumps. Mumps …has… always been his undoing! Ron is no good at games and opts for the least exerting sports of  all. So, for him, it's skittles, darts and cards. Cards …is.. his favourite, though! He loves aerobics too. Aerobics, to him, …is… both relaxation and entertainment.

A.7. Work in pairs. Take turns to ask and answer the following.
Questions                                Answers
1. What are shears used for?               1. They are used for gardening.
2. Have you got the binoculars?2. No, I don't have them here. Do you have them?
3. What are pliers made of?3. They are made of steel.
4. How much this pair of jeans cost?4. A pair of jeans cost me Rupees eight hundred.
5. Are your socks matching with shoes?  5. Yes, they are.
6. What are tongs used for?6. Tongs are used to pick up hot vessels.
7. Are your goggles dark?7. My goggles are photo chromatic.
8. Which colour of slacks are not allowed in school?8. Black slacks are not allowed in school.
9. What are scissors used for?9. Scissors are are used for cutting cloth.
10. Can you lend me your compasses?10. Yes I can, they are in my school bag.

All the nouns in the above sentences take the_plural_ verb.

B Verbs - singular or plural

Look at the following two sentences. Which one is correct?
a) The jury were divided in their opinion.
b) The jury was unanimous in their decision.

B.2. Tick the correct form of the verb in the following sentences:

  1. Summons was/were sent for his arrest.
  2. The media has/have become more responsible nowadays.
  3. This news were/was broadcast from All India Radio.
  4. Politics is/are not meant for students.
  5. To an outsider the economics of this company seem/seems to be in a shambles. (Hint: economics here refers to the company's financial status)
  6. The staff is/are happy with their working environment.
  7. Skittles is/are a popular game in India these days.
  8. Harsh's spectacles was/were lost on his journey to Manipal.
  9. Mathematics is/are a compulsory subject for under-graduation in most of the science and commerce streams.
  10. The public was/were jubilant when Sachin Tendulkar scored his 50th century. 
B.4. Circle the subject and connect it with a verb which follows it
  1. The boy whom you saw walking on the road yesterday while returning from school is my brother.
  2. The book you wanted to read is not available right now.
  3. The furniture which was bought in the auction is made of solid teak-wood.
  4. The team which won four matches this year has been nominated for the President's award.
  5. A visit to the various monasteries provides an insight into Buddhism.
C. Subject - Verb Agreement - Summary.
Read the following sentences. Each of them contains one error. Correct the error and complete the statements that are marked *:

1. One of my friends have has gone to Canada.
2. Every one of the managers have has applied for leave today in protest against the management.
3. Neither of the boxers were was able to score a decisive victory.

Statement *: Subjects containing 'one of', 'each of', 'every one of' and 'neither of' are followed by _Singular__verbs.

4. Tobacco and alcohol is are injurious to health.
5. He and I was were at Patna University together.
6. Oil and water does do not mix.

Statement * : Two or more Singular Nouns connected by 'and' are normally followed by a _plural__verb.

7. Age and experience bring brings wisdom to man.
8. Slow and steady win wins the race.
9. Bread and Butter are is what the poor want.

Statement *: When two Singular Nouns connected by 'and' express one idea, they are followed by a _singular__verb.

10. My uncle and guardian want wants me to start my own business.
11. The Collector and District Magistrate are is away.
12. The notable patriot and orator are is no more.
13. The industrialist and the politician has have been invited to the function.

Statement *: When two Singular Nouns are connected by 'and' and a determiner is used before
only one noun, they are followed by a _singular__ verb. If the two nouns refer to two different
things/ persons, the determiner should be repeated and the verb should be used in the _plural_.

14. Neither Raju nor Sheela have has come first in the race.
15. No scholarship or reward were was given to the student who stood first in the examination.
16. Either China or Malaysia have has the chance to win the world cup in badminton.

Statement * When Singular Subjects are connected by 'or', 'neither…………. nor' and 'either…………… or', they are followed by a __singular__verb.

17. Neither he nor I has have any objection to your plan.
18. Either you or Rashmi have has to own the responsibility for the mishap.

Statement * : When the subjects connected by 'or' or 'nor' are of different persons, the verb
should agree in person with the subject _nearest/closer__ to it.


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