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CBSE - Class 10 - English Workbook (Communicative) - Integrated Grammar Practice 2

Integrated Grammar Practice 2

1. Complete the passage on hypertension by choosing the correct options from those given below.
There are two kinds of hypertension: secondary and primary. Secondary hypertension has organic causes. It (a) ___________ be caused by either obstructive kidney disease, tumours of the brain, thyroid or adrenal glands (b) ___________ narrowing of the aorta. It is more common (c) ___________ younger people and surgery usually (d) ___________ the pressure to normal levels.Primary hypertension, is a silent killer. It shows no obvious symptoms (e)__________ it is well advanced. (f) ___________ the (g)________ common contributory factors are obesity, diabetes, excessive salt intake, smoking, emotional stress and (h)___________  family history of high blood pressure.
(a)  (i) may
(b) (ii) or
(c) (ii) with
(d) (iii) restores
(e) (i) until
(f) (iii) Among
(g) (iv) most
(h) (i) a

2. Rajani and Vikram are discussing their plans for the evening. Complete the dialogue by choosing the correct options.
Vikram : (a) _______________________________________ on TV last week?

Rajani : No, (b) _____________________________________ . Did you see the programme?

Vikram : Yes, it was very interesting. The guests on the show were M S Dhoni and Yuvraj Singh.

Rajani : Oh how sad that I missed it. (c)___________________.

Vikram : Don't worry. (d)_________________________________________.

(i) Did you watched the Talk Show programme
(ii) Were you watching the Talk Show programme
(iii) Did you watch the Talk Show programme
(iv) Do you watch the Talk Show programme

(i) I had just switched the TV on when some guests arrived.
(ii) I have just switch the TV on when some guests arrived.
(iii) I was just switching the TV on when some guests had arrived.
(iv) I just switched the TV on when some guests were arriving.

(i) I wish I can seen it
(ii) I wish I could have seen it
(iii) I wish I have seen it
(iv) I wish I had seen it

(i) I had taped it so you could see it
(ii) I am taping it so you can see it
(iii) I have taped it so you can see it
(iv) I will tape it so you can see it

3. Given below are some instructions for preparing an omelette. Complete the following paragraph on the basis of these instructions.

a) Take two eggs. Break them in a bowl and beat them after adding a pinch of salt and pepper.
b) Add a spoonful of water and beat the eggs again.
c) Put a pan on the stove and light the gas. Pour one teaspoon of ghee or butter into the pan.
d) When the ghee or butter becomes hot, pour the beaten eggs into the frying pan.
e) After some time when the omelette is set, loosen it from the sides of the pan.
f) Slip a knife under the omelette, fold it and serve it hot with green chillies and chopped onion.


Two eggs (a) _are broken and beaten in a bowl after _adding a pinch of salt and pepper. A spoonful (b)  _of water is added and eggs are beaten again_. A teaspoon of ghee or butter is heated in a frying pan. The beaten eggs (c) _are poured into the frying pan_. After some time, when (d) _the omlette is set_ . A knife is slipped under the omelette and (e)  it is loosened and is folded by slipping a knife under it then it is served hot_with green chillies and chopped onion, etc.

4. Read the conversation given below carefully and complete the following passage by filling in the blank spaces appropriately.

Mr Goel : Have you booked the rooms in the Hotel for our holiday?
Mrs Goel : Yes I have. I asked them to book a double room on the tenth floor.
Mr Goel : Why did you ask for a room on the tenth floor?
Mrs Goel : The view from there is really great.
Mr Goel : Have you forgotten I am afraid of lifts?

Mr Goel inquired from his wife (a) _if she had booked the rooms in the Hotel for their holiday. She replied that she had and added (b) that she shad asked to book a double room of tenth floor. Mr Goel then wanted to know (c) why she had asked for a room on the tenth floor  to which Mrs Goel replied (d) that the view from there was really great. At that an upset Mr Goel wanted to know (e) whether she has forgotten he is afraid of lifts.

5. Rearrange these words/phrases to form meaningful sentences.
1. greatest mysteries/bird life/migration/one of the/of/is

2. ringing/ of the/on migration/most/has come/ from/information/young and adult birds

3. stamped with/ a light aluminium ring/ a number and return address/ is fastened/ before it/ leaves the nest/ to the bird

4. a special register/ released/a detailed record/and/is kept in/is/the bird/then

5. extensively employed/ the method/of/ has been/ ringing birds/factual data /in recent years/ in Europe and America/for collecting

1. Migration is one of the greatest mysteries of bird life.
2. Most of the information on migration has come from ringing young and adult birds.
3. A light aluminium ring stamped with a number and return address is fastened to the bird before it leaves the nest.
4. A detailed record is kept in a special register and then the bird is released.
5. In Europe and America the method of ringing birds has been extensively employed in recent years for collecting data.

6. Below is a dialogue between two friends. Each line contains an error. Underline each error and write your correction in the space provided.

A:It's no good, Ramesh. I can't find it nowhere.         anywhere
B:Where have you put it yesterday? Think carefully.                   did
A:Well, I put it on the drawer first of all becausein

I thought it could be safe. Then Anu said that itwould

was a silly place so I put it over the floor whereon

everyone could see it. But I fell on it ! After thatover

I noticed the top was broke so I repaired it andbroken

put it  someone else. Then I was so tired that Anusomewhere

suggests I had a cool drink.suggested
B:If I were you, I would look in a fridge.the
A:Hey! You're right… it's in the fridge. I shouldmust

have left them there when I got my drink. Thanks!it

Note: on vs over: Preposition 'on' is used when an object is touching the surface of the other.
e.g. The book is on the table.

Fall over is an idiom phrase which means topple over or stumble over something.
e.g. The tree fell over and dented the car.

7. In the passage given below, one word has been omitted in each line. Write the missing word along with the word that comes before and the word that comes after it in your answer sheet against the correct blank number. Ensure that the word that forms your answer is underlined.


Human blood contains kinds of material,                        a) contains all kinds
including white blood cells the platelets.b) cells and the
But most common in all blood typesc) But the most
are red- blood cells. When you not haved) you do not
enough of, your body becomes anaemic.e) of them, your
New research is finally solving few of thef) solving a few
mysteries surrounding cells. Some invertebratesg) surrounding these cells
and all vertebrates carry the oxygen an iron-richh) oxygen to an
protein called haemoglobin which is present
inside red-blood cells.


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