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CBSE - Class 10 - English (Comm) Workbook - Unit 7 - Conditionals

B.2 Follow the patterns discussed in B1 and write sentences using the ideas in the table below. You will need to match the items first.

go/ walk         enough/ money
write/ letterweather/ fine
go/ cinemaget/ ticket
go/ shopping(not) go/ out
pass examsenough/ work

(example: I'll go for a walk if the weather is fine.)

1. I shall write a letter if we don't have enough of work.
2. We shall go to cinema, if you get the tickets.
3. I'll go shopping tomorrow, if I earn enough money today.
4. You'll pass exams if you do not go out.

B. 3 Complete the following conditional sentences using the clues given.


1. I'll take you out in the evening if  you let me do my work now.

2. If you travel without reservation, you will be asked to get off the train.

3. If you insult my brother again, I'll complain to the principal.

4. If the rain continues to be heavy, school sports day may be cancelled.

5. If he exercises regularly, he can lose weight.

6. If your claims are in order, you may get a refund.

7. If you've completed your project, you can leave.

8. Improve your handwriting, if you want me to give you good marks.

9. If you meet my sister, will you ask her to call me.
    If you meet my sister, please ask her to call me.

C. The 'Unreal' or 'Hypothetical' Conditional.

C.1 Read the imaginary situations given below and complete the sentence that describes the situation in each case. One has been done for you as an example. 
You have always wanted to be the owner           
of a five-star hotel.What would you do if
you won a million rupees?
If I won a million rupees, I would build
a five-star hotel.


1. Shikha is in her farm-house. During  her
morning walk one day, she narrowly escapes being bitten by a snake.
What do you think would happen if she was bitten by a snake?
If Shikha was bitten by a snake, she could have died.

2. I have misplaced the book Ajay gave me on
my birthday. I must find it. If I lost the book,
how would Ajay feel?
Ajay would feel bad, I could not find the book that he gave me on my birthday.

3. Mira might win an air-ticket to Europe.
She has been dreaming of going to
England. Where do you think you would
go if you won an air-ticket?
If I won an air-ticket, I would go for a trip to Australia.
4. Hema has gained weight. The doctor
has advised her to do her exercises
regularly. The doctor thinks:
If she did her exercises regularly, she would not have gained weight.
5. Delhi Textile Mill is planning to close
down its factory. As a consequence,
many workers would lose their jobs.
The Workers' Union wants it to stay
open and says to the management:
If Delhi Textile Mill is closed down, many workers would lose their jobs.
6. Your friend Mani parks his scooter in
the lane outside: You fear that it will
be stolen one day if he continues to
park it there. So you ask him:
What would you do if your scooter is stolen from lane outside?

Now state below what tenses they are in.

Hypothetical conditionals.

C.2 Complete the sentences below in the same pattern as in the example, choosing the words from the box.

If I were rich, I would fly around the world.

  • the Principal of my school
  • God
  • the Environment Minister
  • tall
  • hardworking


1. If I were the Principal of my school, I would allow students come in casuals.

2. If I were the God, there would be less tearful world.

3. If I were the Environment Minister, I would take strict action against those who destroy wildlife.

4. If I were tall, I would be the best basketball player in the school.

5. If I were hardworking, I would score better in the examination.

D. The Impossible Conditional

D.2 Basic Form

If + past perfectwould + have + past participle

If they had brought the man to the hospital immediately after the accident, his life would have been saved.

Construct sentences in the above pattern using the clues given:

1. We wasted time. We missed the train.
⇒ If we hadn't wasted time, we would not have missed the train.

2. He did not take the advice of his accountants. He lost a lot of money.
⇒  If he had taken the advice of his accountants, he would not have lost a lot of money.

3. There was an accident on the way. I did not reach the office in time.
⇒   If there had not been an accident on the way, I would have reached the office in time.

D.4 Read the clues below and say what the company should have done/ should not have done in order to produce a more successful car.

1. (carry out) (proper market research) (realise) (success)
⇒ If the company had carried out proper market research, it would have realised the car would not be a success.

2. (powerful) (fast)
⇒ If the car engine had been powerful, it would have moved fast.

3. (expensive) (suitable)
⇒ If  it hadn't been expensive, it would have been suitable for children.

4. (size) (safety)
⇒If it had been larger in size, it would been safer.

D.5 Ashok had a terrible day yesterday. Look at the chain of events that happened to him.

Now he is lying in bed thinking of what might have happened if……………

Use the type of sentence you used in the last exercise to write down his thoughts. Start like this:

"If the alarm had gone off, I wouldn't have got up late. If I hadn?'t  got up late, I wouldn't have been caught in traffic jam. If I hadn't been caught in traffic jam, I would have reached office on time. If I had reached office on time, the boss would not have scolded me. If I hadn't  shouted at my boss, I wouldn't have lost my job."

E. Zero Conditional Sentences to Express a General Truth.

E.1 In pairs, complete the sentences below as shown in the example:

If (= when)                  water is heated to 100ºC (at STP) it boils.
Water boils                  if (when) it is heated to 100ºC (at STP).


1. If you do not regularly oil the moving parts of a bicycle, they jam.
2. The tea spoils, when you leave the kettle for too long.
3. When the tectonic plates of the earth's crust move, there occurs an earthquake.
4. The tape moves forward, if you press the FF> button on a cassette player.
5. If a plant does not get enough sunlight, it does not grow properly.

F. Conditionals without 'IF’
Tick the correct option from the words in italics. Think carefully.

(Unless - except if,  as long as =  provided that = on that condition)

1. We will go to Changu Lake on Saturday provided that/ unless the weather is fine.
2. Unless/ As long as the shop gives a good discount we will place our order with them.
3. Unless/ If we look into his complaints the situation is going to get worse.
4. Provided that/ Unless you avoid the bandits, they will kill you.
5. Unless/ As long as peace is what all governments want, we should all learn the art of peace-making.

Make similar sentences using the clues given below. Do not use if.
  1. children - receive love (develop)
  2. people    - eat well, exercise (healthy)
  3. examination - on time (waste a year)
  4. movie - short, interesting (hit)
  5. journal - useful, attractive (popular)
1. As long as children receive love, they develop stronger.
2. Unless people do not eat well, exercise alone will not make them healthy.
3. Providing examination are not being conducted on time, it will waste a year.
4. Unless the movie is short and interesting, it will not be a hit.
5. Provided that journal is not useful and attractive, it will not become popular.

G. Conditionals - Summary
Match the phrases from columns A and B to form meaningful sentences. Rewrite them in the space provided below. The first one has been done for you.

1.If I save enough money,             a. let me know
2. I will come over to your place        b. unless I get up early tomorrow.
3. As long as you pay,c. if you had warned me about the pollution.
4. If you need money,d. I would run a charity home.
5. I’ll miss my flighte. provided I win this race.
6. If I were rich,f. provided that I have finished my homework.
7. I shall be selected for the Olympics   g. if you had worked harder.
8. I wouldn’t have gone for a swimh. I may go to America this summer.
9. If you put salt in water,i. it dissolves
10. You would probably have passed the exam    k. you can be a member of the club.


1.  If I save enough money, I may go to America this summer.
2.  I will come over to your place, provided that I have finished my homework.
3.  As long as you pay, you can be a member of the club.
4.  If you need money, let me know
5.  I’ll miss my flight, unless I get up early tomorrow.
6.  If I were rich, I would run a charity home.
7.  I shall be selected for the Olympics, provided I win this race.
8.  I wouldn’t have gone for a swim, if you had warned me about the pollution.
9.  If you put salt in water, it dissolves.
10.  You would probably have passed the exam, if you had worked harder.


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