Sunday 17 June 2012

Collective Names (Collective Nouns)

Squad of Tourists?

Collective Nouns

Colony of Ants
Congress of Baboons
Herd of Elephants
Pack of Bears
Pad of Paper
Hive of Bees
Swarm of Bees 
Flight of Birds
Flock of Birds
Herd of buffaloes
Swarm of butterflies
Clutter of cats
Kindle of cats/kittens
Brood of chickens
Chattering of Birds
Quiver of Cobras
Band of coyotes
Siege of cranes
Murder of crows
Herd of deer
Kennel of dogs
Flight of Doves
Flock of Ducks
Shoal of fish
School of Whales
Colony of frogs
Brood of hens
Kettle of hawks
Stable of horses
Troop of horses
Leap of leopards
Pride of Lions
Pack of Hounds
Mischief of mice
Plague of Locusts
Tribe of monkeys
Parliament of Owls
Drove of Oxen
Herd of Oxen
Company of Parrots
Bed of oysters
Muster of Peacocks
Colony of penguins
Creche of Penguins
Herd of pigs
Litter of pigs
Colony of Rabbits
Plague of Rats
Flock of sheep
Wedge of swans (when flying in V)
Nest of Vipers
Colony of vultures
Pack of wolves
Army of Caterpillars
Clutter of Spiders
Colony of termites
Den of Snakes
Faculty of Academics
Troupe of Artists
Shuffle of Bureaucrats
School of clerks
Gang of hoodlums
Cavalcade of Horsemen
Bench of Judges
Gang of labourers
Eloquence of lawyers
Band of men
Gaggle of women
Orchestra of Musicians
Tribe of natives
Class of students
Choir of singers
Den of thieves
Flock of tourists
Congregation of worshippers
Worship of writers
Network of Computers
Pack of Cards
Deck of Cards
Bunch of keys
Pair of shoes
Anthology of poems
Fleet of ships
Fleet of cars
Balance of accountants
Brace of Dentists
Flight of yesterdays
Colony of fungi/bacteria
Collective of Nouns

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