Thursday 21 June 2012

Plural Nouns With No Singular Form

Nouns never used in Singular form

1. Articles of Dress e.g. Trousers, pants, pyjamas, shorts, clothes, jeans etc.

2. Instruments consisting of two identical parts or forming a pair
    e.g. scissors, spectacles, glasses, pliers etc.

3. Some Games: Billiards, Cards, dominoes etc.

4. Other words e.g. riches, contents of book, savings, credentials etc.
5. Some diseases: measles, mumps, rickets, diabetes, rabies

6. Some collective nouns: Cattle, poultry, people

    e.g. These poultry is / are mine.

Nouns though plural use singular Verb

1. news, innings, phonetics, physics

    e.g. No news is / are good news.

2. subjects end with -ics e.g. physics, politics, mathematics

e.g Mathematics is / are my favourite subject.  

Nouns having different meanings in singular and plural forms

e.g. Force: push or pull
      Forces: army, troops

      Good : well-being
      Goods: material for trade

      Brother: other sons of parents
      Brothers: community

      Spectacle: something eye catching
      Spectacles: a pair of eye-glasses

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