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CBSE Class 9 English Communicative SA1 Sample Paper

Class 9 - English Communicative - SA1 - Paper

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    1. the solutions are at the bottom of sample paper

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  3. Can anyone please provide answers to this sample paper and also provide the SA1 English 2012 paper ?

  4. plzzzz upload english literature part....who's sa1 has started..

    1. Q13.
      A. Read the extract and answer the following questions by choosing the most appropriate options.
      `I steal by lawns and grassy plots I slide by hazel covers I move the sweet forget-me nots That grow for happy lovers‟. (1) The poet uses `movement words‟ like slide and move____________ (i) to create a rhythmic effect (ii) to produce a poetic effect (iii) the brook can‟t stay in one place (iv) to show the endless flowing of the brook water (2) `I‟ used in the poem is an example of ______________
      (i) pronoun
      (ii) personification
      (iii) metaphor (
      iv) imagery
      (3) Words / adjectives like `sweet‟ and `happy‟ make the poem _______
      (i) sound pleasant
      (ii) show the poet‟s descriptive ability
      (iii) a happy experience
      (iv) express joy and happiness
      B. Read the given extract and answer the following questions.
      „I could not understand why my sixty-two-year-old grandmother was
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      telling me a twelve-year-old, the story of her life in the middle of the night.‟
      (1) What were the intentions of the grandmother in telling the story of her life ?
      (a) to entertain her grand - daughter.
      (b) to impress her grand - daughter.
      (c) to make a request to teach her how to read
      (d) to motivate her for learning
      2) How will you describe the tone of the grandmother when she told the story ?
      (a) regret
      (b) proud
      (c) sympathy
      (d) commanding
      (3) What is your impression of the narrator ?
      (a) proud
      (b) helpful and dedicated
      (c) self - centered
      (d) domineering
      C. Read the given extract and answer the following questions.
      „Oh! I‟m really fed up with the place because nobody really wants it! What time did those agency people say the lady would call?‟
      (i) Why is Juliette keen to sell the villa?
      (ii) How does Gaston deal with Mrs. Al Smith ?
      (iii) What impression do you form of Mrs. Al Smith when she came to buy the villa?
      Answer any four of the following questions in about 30-40 words, each.
      (1) Describe the journey of the brook in its last stage before it joins the river.
      (2) How do the travellers in an Arabian desert react to the song of the nightingale ?
      (3) The lady faces a dilemma. What is it ? What choice does she finally make ?
      (4) What do the roads, in poem „The Road Not Taken‟ symbolise ?
      (5) Why did Duke never jump on Chuck again ?
      (2X4=8 marks)
      Read the given extract and answer the questions that follow
      One evening Chuck‟s good hand idly hooked the leash onto Duke‟s collar to hold him still. It was like lighting a fuse: Duke shimmied himself U-shaped in anticipation:
      (a) What is the author referring to by `good hand‟? (b) What was like lighting a fuse?
      (c) What does the writer mean by „in anticipation‟ ?
      Answer any one of the following questions.
      Imagine yourself as the poet Wordsworth. You had a wonderful experience listening to the song of the highland girl while out for a walk in the countryside. Write an article expressing the feelings evoked by her song.

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