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CBSE Class 9 - Economics - CH2 - People as Resource

People as Resource
MCQs from CBSE Papers

Q1: What is the literacy rate of India as per 2001 census?
(a) 60% 
(b) 62% 
(c) 65% 
(d) 70%

Q2: Which is the most literate state in India?
(a) Bihar 
(b) Kerala
(c) Goa 
(d) Assam

Q3:Which one of the following is an activity of the secondary sector?
(a) Manufacturing 
(b) Agriculture
(c) Education 
(d) Mining

Q4: Which of the following sectors is related to agriculture, forestry and dairy?
(a) Primary Sector 
(b) Tertiary Sector 
(c) Secondary Sector 
(d) None of these

Q5: PHC stands for
(a) Public Health Club 
(b) Private Health Club
(c) Primary Health Centre 
(d) None of these

Q6: What is the major aim of Sarva Siksha Abhiyan?
(a) To provide elementary education to women
(b) To provide elementary education to the rural poor
(c) To provide elementary education to all children in the age group 6-14 years
(d) To provide elementary education to the urban poor

Q7: What is the life expectancy in India according to the census of 2000?
(a) 72 years 
(b) 53 years 
(c) 64 years 
(d) 80 years

Q8: According to census of 2000, Infant mortality rate (IMR) has come down to
(a) 147
(b) 100
(c) 84
(d) 75 

Q9: Decrease in IMR (Infant Mortality Rate) of a country signifies :
(a) Increase in life expectancy 
(b) Increase in GNP
(c) Economic development of a country 
(d) Increase in number of colleges in a country

Q10: Which of the following is liability for the economy?
(a) Illiteracy
(b) Healthy Population
(c) Skilled Workers
(d) Universities

Q11: Which is an economic Activity in the following?

(a) Work of Nurse at her home
(b) Work of Doctor at their home
(c) Work of Teacher in the school
(d) None of the above

Q12: Which one of the following is considered important to create a ‘virtuous cycle’ by the parents?
(a) To send their children to the school
(b) To provide good food to their children
(c) To join their children in corporate schools
(d) To take care of the health and education of their children

Q13: Tertiary sector of economy includes
(a) Tourism
(b) Forestry
(c) Quarrying
(d) Agriculture

Q14: Type of employment when people are not able to find jobs during some parts of the year is called
(a) Disguised employment
(b) Seasonal employment
(c) Expected employment
(d) Educated employment

Q15: When more people are employed than required for a particular job it is known as
(a) unemployment
(b) seasonal unemployment
(c) disguised unemployment
(d) employment

Q16: Which sector includes Agriculture and Animal Husbandry?
(a) Primary Sector
(b) Secondary Sector
(c) Tertiary Sector
(d) None of these

Q17: Government has set schools in each district called (a) Army Schools
(b) Navodaya Vidyalaya
(c) Sainik School
(d) Missionary School

Q18: Which of the following is a significant step towards providing elementary education to
all the children in the age group of 6-14 years?

(a) Sarva Siksha Abhiyan
(b) Adult Education Programme
(c) Mid-day meal
(d) None of the above

Q19: Which of the following is not included in national income?
(a) Doctor services in clinic
(b) Domestic chores of housewives
(c) Teaching services in schools
(d) Lawyer consulting services 

Q20: The number of females per thousand males refers to
(a) Sex Ratio
(b) Literacy Rate
(c) Infant Mortality Rate
(d) Birth Rate

1. (c) 65%
2. (b) kerala
3. (a) Manufacturing
4. (a) Primary Sector
5. (c) Primary Health Centre
6. (c) To provide elementary education to all children in the age group 6-14 years
7. (c) 64 years
8. (d) 75
9. (a) Increase in life expectancy
10. (a) Illiteracy
11. (c) Work of Teacher in the school
12. (d) To take care of the health and education of their children
13. (a) Tourism
14. (b) Seasonal employment
15. (c) disguised unemployment
16. (a) Primary Sector
17. (b) Navodaya Vidyalaya
18. (a) Sarva Siksha Abhiyan
19. (b) Domestic chores of housewives
20. (a) Sex Ratio

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