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Class 9 - English (Comm.) - Ch 1 - How I Taught My Grandmother To Read (MCQs)

How I Taught My Grandmother To Read
MCQs asked in CBSE Papers

Author: Sudha Murty

Q1: The grandmother could relate to the central character of the story 'Kashi Yatre' as :

(i) both were old and uneducated.
(ii) both had granddaughters who read to them.
(iii) both had a strong desire to visit Kashi.✓
(iv) both were determined to learn to read.

Q2: Why did the women at the temple discuss the latest episode of 'Kashi Yatre'?

(i) to pass their time.
(ii) the writer, Triveni. was very popular
(iii) they could relate with the protagonist of the serial.✓
(iv) women have a habit of discussing serials.

Q3: The granddaughter found her grandmother in tears on her return as _____
(i) the grandmother had been unable to read the story 'Kashi Yatre' on her own.✓(ii) the grandmother had felt lonely.
(iii) the grandmother wanted to accompany her granddaughter.
(iv) she was sad she could not visit Kashi.

Sudha Murty
Q4: Why did the grandmother touch her granddaughter’s feet?

(i) As a mark of respect to her teacher.✓(ii) It was a custom in their family.
(iii) Girls should be respected.
(iv) She had read the story of ‘Kashi Yatre’ to her.

Q5: “Many times, I rubbed my hands over the pages wishing they could understand what was written.”

(a) The ‘I’ in the above lines refers to :
(i) Sudha Murthy
(ii) Triveni
(iii) Krishtakka ✓
(iv) Saraswati

(b) The ‘pages’ were of a :
(i) Kannada Newspaper
(ii) Magazine
(iii) Novel ‘Kashi Yatre’
(iv) Weekly magazine ‘Karmaveera’✓
(c) “Rubbing my hands over the pages” suggests the speaker’s :
(i) disappointment
(ii) desperation✓(iii) deep yearning
(iv) regret

Q6: “I knew my student had passed with flying colours.”

(a) 'my student' refers to :
(i) Duke
(ii) Triveni
(iii) Avva✓
(iv) Jeanne

(b) The student has passed in :
(i) Flying colours
(ii) Class
(iii) Exam
(iv) Life✓

(c) I knew that my student has passed when she : 
(i) Could read on her own✓(ii) Could write on her own
(iii) Paid the fee
(iv) Stopped the classes

Q7: “I have decided I want to learn the Kannada alphabet from tomorrow onwards. I will work very hard.”

(a) The speaker wants to learn Kannada alphabet______

(i) To be able to read a novel on her own✓(ii) To be able to write a novel on her own
(iii) To be able to teach others.
(iv) As the speaker can read other languages fluently but not Kannada.

(b) The above statement reveals that the speaker is______(i) Humorous
(ii) Helpful
(iii) Determined ✓
(iv) Concerned

(c) At the time of speaking these lines she was______

(i) 61 years old
(ii) 62 years old✓
(iii) 63 years old
(iv) 64 years old

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