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CBSE Class 9 - Integrative Grammar Practice-3


Integrative Grammar Practice 3
Quotation by Napoleon Bonaparte

Q1: Look at the notes below. Then use the information to complete the paragraph by choosing a suitable word or phrase in each space. Do not add any new information. The first one has been done for you as an example.

Galapagos lands
Visitors to these Pacific Islands - leave - unstamp - mail them - return home -picture post-cards - show up - since 1960s - self perpetuating post office probably set up - to get news from their family, friends - tradition persisted - post office - establish - 1950s - barrel - replace - many times - weather worn plaques remain.


Tradition has it that visitors to these Pacific Islands (a) leave unstamped, addressed postcards and letters in a barrel at Post Office Bay, to await pick up by other tourists who affix postage and (b)_mail them_ when they return home. Picture post-cards (c) _have shown up_ in the barrel since the late 1960s, when tourists began visiting the Galapagos Islands. The self-perpetuating post office (d)_was setup_ by whalers in the late 1790s as a way to get news to and from friends and family. The tradition persisted even after a post office (e) _was established_ on the island of Floreana in the 1950s. The barrel (f) _has been replaced__ many times, but weather worn plaques, where sailors long ago and from far away carved their names, remain.

(i) leaving stamped
(ii) leaves unstamped
(iii) leave unstamped ✓
(iv) left unstamped

(i) mail them ✓
(ii) mails them
(iii) mailed this
(iv) mailing these

(i) show up
(ii) shown up
(iii) are show up
(iv) have shown up ✓

(i) is setting up
(ii) was set up ✓
(iii) is set up
(iv) has been set up

(i) is established
(ii) is being established
(iii) was established ✓
(iv) has been established

(i) replacing
(ii) has been replaced ✓
(iii) is replaced
(iv) was replaced

2. Rearrange the following to form meaningful sentences. The first one has been done as an example. Write the answers against the correct numbers.
     Put into/ as the/ at low/ baby can/ he is / as soon / water/ toddle/ tide
⇒ As soon as the baby can toddle he is put into water at low tide.

(a) water / the baby / in the/ there / plays/ sits and
⇒ The baby sits and plays there in the water.

(b) long enough / the mother / him/ does not / to worry / there / leave him
⇒ The mother does not leave him long enough there to worry him.

(c) older / at low tide / as / wade about / allowed to / he is / he grows
⇒ As he grows older he is allowed to wade about as low tide.

(d) look out / water / keep a / into deep / sharp / does not stray / so that he/ his elders
⇒ His elders keep a sharp look out so that he does not stray into deep water.

(e) permitted to / from which / judgment / he may / make small mistakes / he is /learn to make better
⇒ He is permitted to make small mistakes from which he may learn to make better judgement .

(f)  are given / to swim / small canoes / the children / they / own / are able/ of their / when
⇒ When the children are able to swim they are given small canoes of their own.

3. Study the following sentences. Select one underlined word which is incorrect. Write the incorrect word in the box below, as shown in the example.

e.g. Sarawak is a beautiful place which lies almost on an Equator and is rich in natural resources.


a) It has an Equatorial climate that mean it is hot with heavy rains almost every afternoon.

mean (correction: means)

b) Heavy clouds prevent the sun from heating the ground too intense.


c) In an interior of Sarawak, there are huge reserves of hardwood timber.

an  (the)

d) Sarawak is also an oil product.

product (producer)

e) Great efforts are been made to conserve these resources.

been (being)

4. Ganesh comes to visit Vikram and finds the house locked. He leaves a note. It is raining, the note gets wet and some words are washed off. Complete the note by filling in the missing words by choosing the correct option given below.


Dear Ram
I am so sorry to have missed you. I came to Udaipur on (a) _a___ business trip and I have been here (b) _for____ two weeks now. Your neighbours told me (c)__the___ sad news that your father (d)__has_ been hospitalized. I wish I (e)__could___ see him but unfortunately I (f) _am__ leaving for Madras today on (g) __a_____ 4 o'clock plane. Please send your father my best wishes. Anyway, I (h)_will__ be in Udaipur again on 3rd and 4th June and I (i) _will_ certainly find time to call on you again, even though it (j) _is_ going to be a hectic schedule.

Yours affectionately

(a) (i) X                 (ii) the                   (iii) a                                     (iv) an
(b) (i) since           (ii) from                (iii) for                                   (iv) in
(c) (i) the            (ii)X                      (iii) an                                      (iv) a
(d) (i) is                 (ii) being               (iii) has                                 (iv) have
(e) (i) could        (ii) have                (iii) can                                    (iv) having
(f) (i) am            (ii) been                (iii) is                                       (iv) being
(g) (i) a              (ii) by                    (iii) the                                     (iv ) an
(h) (i) am               (ii) will              (iii) are                                     (iv) being
(i) (i) shall             (ii) will              (iii) ought to                             (iv) must
(j) (i) would           (ii) will                 (iii) shall                                   (iv) is


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