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CBSE 9 - English Grammar - SA2 - Verb Forms + Headlines

Verb Forms
CBSE 9 - English Grammar - SA2 - Verb Forms + Headlines

Q1(CBSE 2010): Complete the headlines by choosing the correct answer from the options given below.

(i) Maharashtra government to procure 2,000 bulletproof jackets

Maharashtra government _____________ around 2,000 bullet proof jackets as part of its efforts to modernize police force in the backdrop of 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks.

(a) would procure
(b) procured
(c) will procure
(d) must procure

(ii) Anand receives Chess Oscar for the sixth time

Indian Grand Master Vishwanathan Anand _____________ his sixth Chess Oscar and third in a row before the start of the President Cup in Baku, Azerbaijan.

(a) will receive
(b) has received
(c) received
(d) would have received

(iii) President pushes for woman judge in Supreme Court

The absence of woman judge in the Supreme Court, having a sanctioned strength of 30 judges, may end soon. President Pratibha Patil _____________ strongly in favour of the appointment of woman judge to the apex court.

(a) argued
(b) will argue
(c) argue
(d) has argued

(iv) Aussie law coming to clean up rot in education system

Australia _____________ the process of drafting a law to clean up a system in which dubious institutions and immigration agents take foreign students for a ride.

(a) has begun
(b) begun
(c) is beginning
(d) began

(i)   (c) will procure
(ii)  (c) received  [Action finished in past, hence Simple Past]
(iii) (d) has argued [Present Perfect is used to express a past action  the result of which still continues.]
(iv) (a) has begun

Q2(CBSE 2011): Complete the following news reports accompanying the headlines given below :

(a) Rajya Sabha Deputy Chairman’s car stolen

Rajya Sabha Deputy Chairman’s car, which had a radio tag attached to it, ____________ from outside his driver’s house on Monday.

(b) Three Hizbul Militants killed

According to a report, three Hizbul militants _____________ in an encounter with the police on Monday.

(c) DTC hikes bus fares

The Delhi cabinet has approved the proposal of DTC to revise its fares. The revised fare __________________ with effect from the next week.

(d) Delhi Metro conducts trial run to Noida

Delhi Metro crossed the national capital border on Monday. The trial run __________on Sunday.

(a) was stolen
(b) were killed
(c) is effective/will be effective
(d) starts
Q3(CBSE 2010):Complete the report by choosing the correct answer from the options given below.

(i) India to get normal monsoon this year : Met office

The meteorological department has declared that India ______________________ normal rainfall
from South-west monsoon this year.

(a) will have got
(b) will be getting
(c) had been getting
(d) had got

(ii) Justice SH Kapadia - appointed new CJI.

The President ______________________ Justice Sarosh Homi Kapadia, judge of the Supreme Court, to be the Chief Justice of India.

(a) will be pleased to appoint
(b) has been pleased to appoint
(c) is being pleased to appoint
(d) is pleased to appoint

(iii) NID students design beauty pageant crowns.

Crowns for the three titles of Femina Miss India for the current year ______________________ by the students of National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad.

(a) has been designed
(b) was designed
(c) have been designed
(d) is being designed

(iv) Nation pays tribute to Mahatma.

During the remembrance function held at Rajghat rich tributes ______________________ to Mahatma Gandhi on his 62nd death anniversary.

(a) are paid
(b) were paid
(c) is being paid
(d) was being paid

(v) Plane crash in Pakistan.A Pakistan passenger plane carrying 43 people ___________ in the mountain of northern Pakistan.

(a) has crashed
(b) crashed
(c) had crashed
(d) is crashing

(i)   (b) will be getting
(ii)  (d) is pleased to appoint
(iii) (c) have been designed
(iv) (b) were paid
(v) (b) crashed


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