Sunday 16 December 2012

CBSE Class 11 - PSA Sample Paper by CBSE

Class 11 -PSA Paper

See the Sample Answer Sheet

Possible Answers (A few are given here):
(Section B)
25: (1) The statue is of a human. (The reader must have knowledge about the human body to understand the statue.)

26: (2) ‘David’ deserves its reputation. (Point 1, 3 and 4 are the reasons for Point2)

27: (3) focusing on a detail in order to convey an image.

28: (3) the human body as the inspiration for great art.

29: (1) realism

Q30: (4) Original is better than restored. (You see pictures as well. Seeing the original is worthier than its copied one.)

31: (2) Christie’s desire to be in control of her own future.

32: (4) concerned (See the words "Bless and save us, what do you mean, child)

33: (1) They provide positive inspiration.

34: (3) excitement. (We was happy with her idea about movingout. She did not know where to.)

35: (1) calm.  (Aunt was concerned but not nervous, since she finished her work and listened to Christie with patience).

36: (1) final

37: (2) She has seen four different French films in the same cinema.[The statement shows she has seen many french films).

38: (2) general: stars [Policeman gets badge for his accomplishment or achievement].


  1. can i get the solutions to check my answers?????

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  3. i can get the solutions to check my answers..

  4. I want to solution of sec-B. tnk u !!!!!!!!!

  5. I want solution of PSA of sec-B for class-9.Thanks a lot.!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. i want soloution for this sample paer

  7. don't give answers to these easy problems. let them try themselves.

    1. we need solution coz to check wether the answers are correct or incorrect....gandu ka oladh....

  8. plzzz give me the solutions of this sample paper..

  9. oh god wer r d answers i want 2 chek.

  10. Please post solutions of other sections also!

  11. this is the question paper for 16th of Feb PSA.

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    1. Please provide us the remaining answers too.........


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