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CBSE Class9 - English Comm. Workbook - Integrative Grammar Practice - 7


Q1: Edit the following magazine article about youth in sport.

The Great National Sports Talent Search (a) consist of workshops and tournaments arranged in (b)any different parts of (c) a country. The talent scouts' aim (d) are to look out for local talent in the age range of eight to eighteen years. Thus, it would be far (e) wise if young sportswomen and men (f)were help so that they have plenty of time to develop their talent. Sports academies normally only (g) having students whose talents (h) is already recognized. If India does not invest in sports it can not hope to perform well at the International level.


(a) (i) consisted
     (ii) consists ✓
    (iii) is consisted
    (iv) has consisted

(b) (i) much
     (ii) few
     (iii) little
     (iv) many ✓

(c) (i) the ✓
     (ii) these
    (iii) an
    (iv) some

(d) (i) is ✓
     (ii) being
     (iii) has been
     (iv) been

(e) (i) wisest
     (ii) wiser ✓
    (iii) as wise as
    (iv) too wise

(f) (i) were helped
    (ii) were being helped
   (iii) are helped ✓
    (iv) helped

(g) (i) are having
     (ii) owning
    (iii) have ✓
    (iv) has

(h) (i) are
     (ii) has been
    (iii) are being
    (iv) have been ✓

Q2: Below is a description of Geothermal Energy. Complete the passage by filling in the gaps choosing the correct option from the given options. The first one has been done for you.

In volcanic areas, underground water (a) _can__ often rise to a temperature of 200° C. Nowadays, wells (b) ________ drilled to extract the steam which is used to drive turbines. This is (c) ________ of the world's fastest growing sources of energy. (d) ________ the water is heated by enormous reservoirs of cooling rock several kilometers across, geothermal steam is (e) _________ to be a renewable energy resource. Even in non-volcanic areas, underground water can (f) _________ heated by natural radioactivity. In this case, (g) _________, it is necessary to drill deeper before the water is as hot as 200° C. This method (h) _________ used for heating homes in certain areas for many years and is cheap, clean and efficient.

(a) (i) could
     (ii) can ✓
    (iii) must
    (iv) might

(b) (i) is
     (ii) been
    (iii) are ✓
    (iv) being

(c) (i) any
     (ii) some
    (iii) one ✓
    (iv) few

(d) (i) As
     (ii) While
    (iii) Though ✓
    (iv) Even

(e) (i) called
     (ii) said
     (iii) regarded ✓
     (iv) told

(f) (i) be ✓
    (ii) been
    (iii) being
    (iv) is

(g) (i) however ✓
     (ii) though
    (iii) despite
    (iv) therefore

(h) (i) being
     (ii) was
     (iii) be
     (iv) has been ✓

Q3: Study the following sentences. Select the one underlined word which is incorrect. Write the incorrect word in the boxes provided. One has been done as an example.

e.g. Advertisements can be extremely useful if they were honest and help you decide what to buy.


a. For example, if you break your pen, but want to buy another, the first thing to do is look at advertisements.


b. This will help you choose the good type of pen.


c. However, advertisements can be harmful when it try to exploit the public.


d. It had found that young people, especially teenagers, are affected the most by advertisements.


4. Rearrange the following words and phrases to form meaningful sentences. The first one has been done for you as an example.

     was/ about twenty / childhood / delight / years ago.
     Childhood was a delight about twenty years ago.


(a) the leisure hours/of a child/ of the TV / today / are spent / in front

(a) _The leisure hours of a child today, are spent in front of the TV._

(b) of most / now - a - days / the attitude / parents is / different

(b) _Now-a-days, the attitude of most parents is different._

(c) work and play / different things / they see / as / two

(c) _They see work and play as two different things._

(d) playing / feel / is a / waste of / they / time / that

(d) _They feel that playing is a waste of time._


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