Tuesday, 29 January 2013

CBSE to deliver Q Papers to Affiliated Schools through Web

CBSE To Deliver Q. Papers to Affiliated Schools through Web

It is expected SA-2 examination for class IX will be conducted from March 10, 2013 onwards.

Earlier CBSE used to deliver Question Papers for Summative Assessment examination in CDs. This system used to have some lacuna that same question paper get printed by different schools. To overcome  this problem, now CBSE will deliver Question Papers via online way. CBSE calls it CBSE Integrated Test Management System (CBSE-ITMS).

School Principal will now login to CBSE ITMS web site i.e. (www.cbseitms.in). The ITMS server will randomly generate two question papers and one paper can be selected by the login person. However, school itself can prepare its own question papers as per the CBSE paper design guidelines.

CBSE expects this innovative solution allows the CBSE affiliated schools to access question papers and download them in a transparent, secure and user-friendly manner.

For further details you may refer to this circular.


  1. question papers are not opened with the provided code from cbseitms

  2. cbse server is so crowded that its very difficult to down load the papers

  3. sa2 question paper is website me aayenge kya

  4. If any one download class ix questions please send on my mail please bpminternational2004@gmail.com


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