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Class 9 - Eng (C) - INTEGRATIVE GRAMMAR PRACTICE 5 (workbook)


Q1: Look at the notes below. Then use the information to complete the paragraph by choosing a suitable word or phrase in each space.

Bishnois - always - nature worshippers - 1730 A.D. - Maharja Abhay Singh's men - fell - khejri trees - Amrita Devi - hug a tree - protested - insisted - to cut her head first - men obliged - Amrita - a legend.

Bishnois have (a) _______________________________________. In 1730 A.D. Maharaja
Abhay Singh's (b) _______________ fell Khajri trees. Amrita Devi, a true Bishnoi,
(c) __________ and expressed (d) _________________________. She insisted that if they
wanted to cut the tree (e) _______________first. The unrelenting men of the Maharaja
obliged her and the (f) _________________________.

(a) (i) always been regarded as nature worshippers ✓
     (ii) always been called as nature worshippers
    (iii) always knew nature worshippers
    (iv) always done nature worshippers

(b) (i) men coming to
     (ii) men started
    (iii) men began to ✓
    (iv) men came to

(c) (i) hug a tree
    (ii) hugging a tree
   (iii) hugged a tree ✓
    (iv) hugs a tree

(d) (i) his protest
    (ii) her protest ✓
   (iii) their protest
    (iv) protesting

(e) (i) they may cut her head first
    (ii) they would have to cut her head first ✓
   (iii) they can cut her head first
   (iv) they should cut her head first

(f) (i) woman became a legend ✓
    (ii) woman becomes a legend
   (iii) women became a legend
   (iv) woman read a legend

Q2: Rearrange the jumbled words to form meaningful sentences.

(a) at developing / there have been / a modern / many attempts / snowboard

There have been many attempts at developing a modern snowboard.

(b) was developed / a child's toy / in 1965 / the 'Snurfer' / as

The 'Snurfer' was developed as a child's toy in 1965.

(c) and a rope / at the / two skiis / were bound / was placed / front end / together
Two skiis were bound together and a rope was placed at the front end.

(d) declared / snowboarding / in 1994 / was / event / an Olympic
Snowboarding was declared an Olympic event in 1994.

(e) across the globe / is a / this recognition / huge victory / snowboarders / to the
This recognition is a huge victory to the snowboarders across the globe.

3. Choose the right word from the options given below and fill in the blanks.

a) The weekly forecast says that I ___________________ an old friend this week.
b) I have to catch the 5.00 am train tomorrow. So, I ___________go to bed late tonight.
c) The casualties _______________ to a nearby hospital.
d) The majority of the news __________________about violence.

(a) (i) will meet ✓
    (ii) meet
   (iii) am meeting
   (iv) ought to meet

(b) (i) have to
     (ii) needn't
    (iii) may
    (iv) musn't ✓

(c) (i) was taken
    (ii) were taken ✓
   (iii) taken
   (iv) took

(d) (i) are
    (ii) is ✓
   (iii) has
   (iv) have

4. Each sentence has four words underlined. Select the one underlined word that is incorrect and write it in the box as shown.


1. Machu Picchu is the pre-Columbian Inca site located 2430 mts above sea-level.  the      

2. It was situated on a mountain ridge in Peru.

3. Machu Picchu was declared an UNESCO world heritage site in 1983.

4. Before it was not plundered by the Spanish it is an important cultural site.

5. This Peruvian historic sanctuary is considered a sacred place.



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