Sunday 24 February 2013

CBSE Class 9 - Maths (SA2) Sample Question Paper- 2012-13

Class 9 -Maths Sample Paper (SA2)

From this session (2012-2013), CBSE has stopped publishing Sample Question Papers (SQP). However it did release syllabus, marking scheme and solved sample questions including Value based questions. The same is displayed below.


  1. Sir can you mail me this question paper? my email id is

  2. u can send it 2 ur email by clicking on the mail button above 'reactions'

  3. very easy and helpful too.....

  4. It is saying that ten preview is not available. Why is it happening so? I need the sample paper of sa-2 fast. It's very urgent. Pls send me. My email id is

  5. mahabakwas site hai ye..preview image bhi nhi


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