Wednesday, 13 February 2013

CBSE Class 9 - PSA Quiz (English)

PSA Quiz (English)
(Following worksheet was submitted by a student from Sachdeva Public School, Delhi)

Q1: The police resorted to lathi charge to disperse ___________.

(a) regiment
(b) mob
(c) committee
(d) swarm

Q2: Fiji is  ____ island in _____ Pacific Ocean, most visited by ______ tourists.

(a) an, the, the
(b) a, the, an
(c) the, an, the
(d) the, an, a

Q3: There _________ be a mansion here before the partition.

(a) ought to
(b) used to
(c) might
(d) need to

Q4: Break Down means:

(a) to stop working
(b) to dismiss
(c) to remove
(d) to accompany someone

Q5: A Soldier must be ___________ strong ________ courageous.

(a) either, or
(b) both, and
(c) neither, nor
(d) so, that

Q6: He was obstinate ___________________.

(a) but he was punished.
(b) so he was punished.
(c) yet he was punished.
(d) or he was punished.

Q7: You have grown a lot ________________

(a) since I last saw you.
(b) after I have seen you.
(c) before I have seen you
(d) before you came here.

Q8: ____________ were you taught English?

(a) through whom
(b) With whom
(c) Being who
(d) By whom

Q9: The responsibility is ____________, I have nothing to do with it.

(a) you're
(b) your
(c) yours
(d) your's

Q10:  Ajay went _________ into the forest than he had ever done before.

(a) far
(b) farther
(c) farthest
(d) the farthest

1: (b) mob
2: (a) an, the, the
3: (b) used to
4: (a) to stop working
5: (b) both, and

6: (b) so he was punished.
7: (a) since I last saw you.
8: (d) By whom
9: (c) yours
10: (b) farther

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