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CBSE Class 9/10 - JSTS Exam (GK-3) - 2012-13

(Part-3)(JSTS Scholarship Exam - 2012-13)
CBSE Class 9/10 - JSTS Examination (GK) - 2012-13
You may access GK (Part-1),   GK (Part-2)

Q31: Cell Secretions are processed and packed up by

(a) Golgi apparatus
(b) Nucleus
(c) Ribosomes
(d) Mitochondria

Q32: The temperature range of moon is

(a) -10°C to 10°C
(b) -90°C to 10°C
(c) -190°C to 110°C
(d) -50°C to 250°C

Q33: The Constitution of India came into force on

(a) 26 Nov. 1949
(b) 15 Aug.  1947
(c) 26 Jan.  1947
(d) 26 Jan. 1950

Q34: The National Emblem of India has been taken from the pillar of Sarnath which had:

(a)  An Elephant
(b) Four Lions
(c) A Lion
(d) A Bull

Q35: Highest award for Gallantry is:

(a) Vir Chakra
(b) Bharat Ratna
(c) Param Vir Chakra
(d) Padam Shree

Q36: The oldest Veda was

(a) Yajurveda
(b) Samveda
(c) Rigveda
(d) Atharveda

Q37: World Environment Day is celebrated every year on:

(a) January 15
(b) August 25
(c) June 5
(d) July 10

Q38: RDX is a:

(a) An instrument to measure blood pressure
(b) A gender
(c) Chemical used in manufacturing fertilizers
(d) An explosive

Q39: The least populated state of India is

(a) Sikkim
(b) Arunachal Pradesh
(c) Mizoram
(d) Uttarakhand

Q40: The number of medals won by India in 2010 Common Wealth Games is:

(a) 98
(b) 101
(c) 107
(d) 115

Q41: Kanchenjunga is situated in

(a) West Bengal
(b) Nepal
(c) Sikkim
(d) Himachal Pradesh

Q42:  The nearest planet of sun is:

(a) Mars
(b) Saturn
(c) Venus
(d) Mercury

Q43:  Which of the following is the softest?

(a) Aluminium
(b) Sodium
(c) Lithium
(d) Iron

Q44: The normal body temperature of human being is:

(a) 96.4 °F
(b) 97.4 °F
(c) 98.4 °F
(d) 99.4 °F

Q45: The famous Bhakti Saint from Mewar Royal family was:

(a) Meera Bai
(b) Rama Bai
(c) Chaitanya
(d) Uddhav

Q46: NASA is related with

(a) Russia
(b) Japan
(c) USA
(d) UK

Q47: Who is known as the 'Iron Man' of India?

(a) Lala Lajpat Rai
(b) Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel
(c) Gopal Krishan Gokhale
(d) Dr. B. R. Ambedkar

Q48: The property to which all of us have a common right is:

(a) Public Property
(b) National Property
(c) Private Property
(d) School Property

Q49: Which of the following city is also named as 'Bollywood'?

(a) Chennai
(b) Mumbai
(c) Delhi
(d) Kolkata

Q50: Who is the winner of ICC - ODI Cricketer of year 2011-12?

(a) Gautam Gambhir
(b) Kumar Sangkara
(c) Richard Levi
(d) Virat Kohli

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