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Know The Currency (GK Quiz-4)

Know The Currency

(GK Quiz-4)

Q1: Which of the following is the latest symbol for Indian rupee?

(a) $
(b) ₹
(c) ₨
(d) ₱

Q2: Which of the following is a symbol for Japanese currency?

(a) $
(b) ₤
(c) ¥
(d) ¢

Q3: Which of the following is used to denote as common symbol for currency when a particular symbol of that country is not available?

(a) ¤
(b) $
(c) ₤
(d) €

Q4: The symbol ₩ called Won is the currency of which of the following country?

(a) Phillipines
(b) China
(c) Japan
(d) South Korea

Q5:  Euro has become an official currency of 17 European countries which are part of Institution of European Union. What is the symbol used for euro?

(a) ₱
(b) $
(c) ₤
(d) €

Q6: Riyal is not the currency of which of the following?
(a) Saudi Arabia
(b) Iran
(c) Qatar
(d) Kuwait

Q7: Peso is the currency of
(a) Myanmar
(b) Zimbabwe
(c) Mexico
(d) Syria

Q8: The currency of Russia is known as
(a) Cedi
(b) Dinar
(c) Ruble
(d) Dollar

Q9: The currency of Srilanka
(a) Pound
(b) Rupee
(c) Riyal
(d) Dinar

Q10: The currency of Bangladesh
(a) Rupee
(b) Taka
(c) Dinar
(d) Peso

Q11: ₯ (DRACHMA) symbol of currency was used in which European country?
(a) Greece
(b) France
(c) Italy
(d) Germany

Q12: Shilling is the currency of
(a) Iraq
(b) Iran
(c) Kenya
(d) Mexico

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1: (b) ₹ (Option c was the older format)
2: (c) ¥ (Yen)
3: (a) ¤
4: (d) South Korea
5: (d) €
6: (d) Kuwait
7: (c) Mexico
8: (c) Ruble
9: (b) Rupee (code: SLR Sri Lankan Rupee, INR: Indian Rupee)
10: (b) Taka
11: (a) Greece
12: (c) Kenya

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