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CBSE Class 7 - Science - CH2: Nutrition in Animals (MCQs)

Nutrition in Animals
CBSE Class 7 - Science - CH2: Nutrition in Animals (MCQs)
Human Digestive System


Q1: The pointed teeth in the buccal cavity are called:

(a) incisors
(b) canines
(c) premolars 
(d) molars

Q2: Bile juice is stored in 

(a) liver
(b) pancreas
(c) gall bladder 
(d) stomach

Q3: The inner walls of the small intestine have millions of small finger like projections called

(a) villi
(b) trachae
(c) appendix
(d) oesophagus

Q4: Which of the following is a ruminant?

(a) buffalo
(b) camel
(c) goat
(d) all of these

Q5: Which of the following is not a part of nutrition?

(a) digestion
(b) absorption
(c) assimilation
(d) excretion

Q6: An amoeba ingests food with the help of

(a) Cilia
(b) Tentacles
(c) Pseudopedia
(d) Buccal Cavity

Q7: Grass is rich in ________ a special kind of carbohydrate which can only be digested by ruminants.

(a) Glucose
(b) Cellulose
(c) Sucrose
(d) Fructose

Q8: Amylase enzyme is present in

(a) bile juice
(b) saliva
(c) gastric juice
(d) pancreatic juice

Q9: The walls of large intestine absorb

(a) water
(b) proteins
(c) cellulose
(d) roughage

Q10: Which of the following do not have teeth

(a) rats
(b) birds
(c) snakes
(d) elephants

1: (b) canines
2: (c) gall bladder
3: (a) villi
4: (d) all of these
5: (d) excretion
6: (c) Pseudopedia
7: (b) Cellulose
8: (b) saliva
9: (a) water
10: (b) birds


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