Wednesday, 24 July 2013

CBSE Class 6/7/8/9 - PSA Quiz (English)

PSA Quiz (English)
(Following worksheet was submitted by a student of class 6, Delhi)


Q1: Select the suitable abstract noun:
An honest man’s ________ cannot be doubted.

(a) honesty
(b) dishonesty 
(c) beauty 
(d) reality

Q2: Select the suitable article:

There was ________ meeting in _______ Town Hall yesterday.

(a) the, an 
(b) an, the 
(c) a, the 
(d) the, the

Q3: Select the suitable form of verb given in the bracket:

The dogs _________ (bark) a while ago, but now they are silent.

(a) were barking 
(b) barked 
(c) have been barking 
(d) had been barking

Q4. Select the suitable degree of comparison of adjective:

The _______ you practice, the better you will become.

a. More 
b. most 
c. many 
d. much

Q5: Select the suitable pronoun:
The President__________ gave the awards to the children.

(a) himself 
(b) themselves 
(c) myself 
(d) yourself

Q6: Monica is the only girl _______essay has been selected as the best entry in the competition.

a. whose 
b. that 
c. whom 
d. her

Q7. Select the suitable collective noun:

A __________ of keys is lying on the table.

a. bundle 
b. ball 
c. bunch 
d. bevy

Q8: Choose the correct antonym for the underlined word:

Rohan confessed in front of the teacher that he had stolen my pen.

a. denied 
b. admitted 
c. concealed 
d. argued

Q9: Select one word for the given group of words:
One who sells medicines
a. librarian 
b. retailer 
c. chemist 
d. wholesaler

Q10: Fill in the blanks with correct determiner:

You can ask the doctor if you want _________ advice.

a. any 
b. every 
c. a little 
d. few

(Answers to be posted soon...)


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