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(MCQs asked in APTET Examination on TEACHING APTITUDE) 
[You may get details about Central Teacher Eligibility Test (CTET) its website and may get previous years papers also.]


Q1: In which stage is the Physical growth is rapid

(a) Early childhood
(b) Infancy
(c) Adolescence
(d) School age

Q2: The Stage in which the “Self Initiative Skill” of a child develops when it is let free

(a) 2-3 years
(b) First year
(c) 6th year onwards
(d) 4-6 years

Q3: An apparatus to find the span of visual attention is:

(a) Tachitoscope
(b) Telescope
(c) Learning Cards
(d) Ink Blot Test

Q4: The two factor theory of intelligence was proposed by
(a) Spearman
(b) Wechsler
(c) Piaget
(d) Binet

Q5: The term that does not coincide with the styles of learning
(a) Oral learning
(b) Continuous learning
(c) Comparative learning
(d) Rote learning

Q6: “Child should be treated as child” - was said by
(a) Roussoue
(b) Wechsler
(c) Binet
(d) Gagne

Q7: Piaget’s principle is related to child’s _____________

(a) Psychological Development
(b) Emotional feelings
(c) Cognitive Development
(d) Physical Development

Q8: A Person believes that nurture strongly influences the development of his child. He
would not agree with the importance of:

(a) Genetic factors
(b) Exposure to peers
(c) The types of toys at home
(d) The warmth displayed by the parents

Q9: Long term memory is through

(a) Learning by Reading
(b) Learning by Listening
(c) Learning by multi sensory organs
(d) Learning by visualizing

Q10: Child development is defined as a field of study that
(a) Examines change in human abilities.
(b) Seeks to explain behaviour across the life span.
(c) Compares children to adults to senior citizens.
(d) Accounts for the gradual evolution of the child's cognitive, social, and other capacities.

1: (b) Infancy
2: (a) 2-3 years
3: (a) Tachitoscope
4: (a) Spearman
5: (d) Rote learning
6: (b) Wechsler
7: (c) Cognitive Development
8: (a) Genetic factors.
9: (c) Learning by multi sensory organs
10:  (d) Accounts for the gradual evolution of the child's cognitive, social, and other capacities.

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  1. the spelling of answer of question no.3 is TACHISTOSCOPE.


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