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CBSE Class 8 - Science - CH10 - Reaching Age of Adolescence (MCQs)

Reaching Age of Adolescence 

Reaching Age of Adolescence

Q1: The period of life when the body undergoes changes, leading to reproductive maturity, is called?

(a) Puberty
(b) Adolescence
(c) Metamorphosis
(d) Menarche

Q2: Onset of sexual maturity in individuals, making them capable of reproduction is termed as _________

(a) Adolescence
(b) Metamorphosis
(c) Puberty
(d) Menarche

Q3: The voice box is also known as __________

(a) Allosomes
(b) larynx
(c) Menarche
(d) Thyroid

Q4: Which of the following glands secrete oil?

(a) Thyroid gland
(b) Pituitary gland
(c) Sebaceous gland
(d) Endocrine gland

Q5: Which of the following is the male hormone that is secreted by the testes at the onset of puberty?

(a) Estrogen
(b) Insulin
(c) Adrenalin
(d) Testosterone

Q6: The female hormone secreted by the ovaries at the onset of puberty is ________

(a) Estrogen
(b) Insulin
(c) Adrenalin
(d) Testosterone

Q7: The first menstrual flow at puberty in females is termed as ________

(a) Menopause
(b) Menstruation
(c) Ovulation
(d) Menarche

Q8: The thread like structure in the fertilized egg is known as:

(a) Chromosomes
(b) Zygote
(c) Foetus
(d) Embryo

Q9: Metamorphosis in frog is controlled by which of the following hormone?

(a) Thyroid
(b) Insulin
(c) Adrenalin
(d) Thyroxine

Q10: Which of the following hormone is also known as “the emergency hormone”?

(a) Thyroxine
(b) Gonad stimulating Hormone
(c) Adrenalin
(d) Estrogen

1: (b) Adolescence
2: (c) Puberty
3: (b) larynx
4: (c) Sebaceous gland
5: (d) Testosterone
6: (a) Estrogen
7: (d) Menarche
8: (a) Chromosomes
9: (d) Thyroxine
10:  (c) Adrenalin


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