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CBSE Class 6-12 - Science - Fathers in Biology

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Fathers of Various Branches in Biology

Aristotle - Father of Biology
credits: wikipedia
Num.           Branch of Biology Name
1 Father of Biology Aristotle
2 Father of Zoology Aristotle
3 Father of Botany Theophrastus
4 Father of Taxonomy Carl Linnaeus
5 Father of Plant Physiology Stephen Hales
6 Father of Bacteriology Louis Pastuer
7 Father of Microbiology Leeuwenhoek
8 Father of Immunology Edward Jenner
9 Father of Cytology Robert Hooke
10 Father of Mycology Micheli
11 Father of Genetics G J Mendel
12              Father of Experimental Genetics              T. H. Morgan
13 Father of Bryology Johann Hedwig
14 Father of Eugenics Francis Galton
15 Father of Microscopy Marcello Malphigi
16 Father of Bio-diversity E.O. Wilson
17 Father of Medicine Hippocrates
18 Father of modern Anatomy Andreas Vesalius
19 Father of Radiation Genetics H. J. Muller

20 Father of Blood Circulation William Harvey
21 Father of Blood Groups Karl Landsteiner
22 Father of Evolutionary Ideas Empedocles
23 Father of Aryuveda Charaka
24 Father of Mutation Hugo De Vries
25 Father of Agronomy Peter De-cresenzi
26 Father of Gentic Engineering Paul Berg
27 Father of Indian Ecology R N Mishra
28 Father of Indian Paleobotany Birbal Sahani
29 Father of Biochemistry Carl Neuberg


  1. just what i need. Thank you !

  2. plzz add the following 1's too in d list:
    father of green revolution: dr. norman e borlaug
    indian father of green revolution: dr. m s swaminathan


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