Tuesday 26 May 2015

CBSE Class 9/10 - English Grammar - Cloze Test (PSA Quiz)


CBSE Class 9/10 - English Grammar - Cloze Test (PSA Quiz)

Directions : In Question Nos. 1 to 10 you have following a brief passage with 10 questions.
Read the passages carefulIy and fill in the blanks with, out of the four alternatives given.


Without water __1__ animal can survive. In desert regions, the greatest  ____2____ to life is drying up. But many creatures are able to make use of ___3___  little water that exists in arid areas. One of nature’s  masterpieces ___4___ creatures equipped to ___5____ with desert life is the hardy camel. There are several stories describing the ___6___ endurance of these animals.  It is said that camels can ___7___ a distance of about 800 miles in eight days through continuous travel ___8___ an intake of a single drop of water. The popular ___9___ in a way is  ___10___. Water is indeed stored there but in the form of fat.


1. (A) every (B) no (C) any (D) desert

2. (A) want (B) inadequacy (C) requirement (D) worry

3. (A) what (B) the (C) very (D) that

4. (A) for (B) about (C) among (D) with

5. (A) live (B) resist (C) bear (D) cope

6. (A) remarkable (B) little (C) tolerable (D) popular

7. (A) measure (B) reduce (C) cover (D) reach

8. (A) for (B) without (C) accepting (D) receiving

9. (A) proverb (B) guess (C) belief (D) version

10. (A) baseless (8) wrong (C) misleading (D) correct

1: (B) no
2: (C) requirement
3: (B) the
4: (C) among
5: (D) cope
6: (A) remarkable
7: (C) cover
8: (B) without
9: (D)version
10: (C) misleading


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