Sunday 24 May 2015


Industrial Revolution led to pathetic conditions
for women and children.

Q1: When did the earliest factories come up in England?

(a) 1720s
(b) 1730s
(c) 1740s
(d) 1750s

Q2: Guilds were associations of

(a) Industrialization
(b) Exporters
(c) Traders
(d) Producers

Q3: Which one of the following factories was considered as a symbol of new era in England in the late eighteenth century?

(a) Iron and steel
(b) Metal
(c) Jute
(d) Cotton

Q4: Who invented the steam engine

(a) New Camen
(b) Richard Arkwright
(c) James Watt
(d) None of the above

Q5: In India, the first cotton mill was set up in

(a) Madras
(b) Bombay
(c) Kanpur
(d) Surat

Q6: Who among the following improved the steam engine produced by New Comen?

(a) Mathew Boulton
(b) James Walt
(c) Henry Ford
(d) Grahm Bell

Q7: Who devised the Spinning Jenny?

(a) Samuel Luck
(b) Richard Arkwright
(c) James Hargreaves
(d) James Watt.

Q8: In which of the following field demand for labour was seasonal?

(a) Gasworks
(b) Breweries
(c) Dockyards
(d) All of these

Q9: Which of the following best defines a Jobber?

(a) Employed by industrialists to get new recruits
(b) Old trusted worker
(c) Person of authority and power
(d) Controlled lives of workers

Q10: Which of the following group of industries were the dynamic industries of England during its earliest phase of industrialization?

(a) Cotton and metals
(b) Cotton and silk
(c) Silk and footwears
(d) Footwear and glass

Q11: The paid servants of the East India Company were

(a) Seth
(b) Mamlatdar
(c) Gomastha
(d) Lambardar

Q12: Which of the following explains proto-industrialization?

(a) Production based on factories
(b) Production for local consumption
(c) Production for export
(d) Early industrial production preceding stage of industrialisation

Q13: Which of the following was known as “finishing centre”?

(a) London
(b) Manchester
(c) Liverpool
(d) Amesterdam

Q14: 18th Century India witnessed the decline of which port town?

(a) Surat
(b) Bombay
(c) Calcutta
(d) Madras

Q15: First country to undergo the industrial revolution:

(a) France
(b) Britain
(c) Germany
(d) USA

Q16: What was the fly shuttle used for

(a) Washing
(b) Weaving
(c) Drying
(d) Sowing

1: (b) 1730s
2: (d) Producers
3: (d) Cotton
4: (c) James Watt
5: (b) Bombay
6: (b) James Walt
7: (c) James Hargreaves
8: (d) All of these
9: (a) Employed by industrialists to get new recruits
10: (a) Cotton and metals (c) Silk and footwears
11: (c) Gomastha
12: (d) Early industrial production preceding stage of industrialisation
13: (a) London
14: (a) Surat
15: (b) Britain
16: (b) Weaving 


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