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CBSE Class 12 - Business Studies - CH6 - Staffing (V Short Q and A)


V Short Q & A
CBSE Class 12 - Business Studies - CH6 - Staffing (V Short Q and A)

Q1: Which function of management helps in obtaining right people and putting them on the right jobs?

Answer: Staffing

Q2: Is Human resource management a part of staffing? Say Yes or No.

Answer: No

Q3: Name the process which is related to searching for prospective candidates for vacant job position?

Answer: Recruitment

Q4: Why induction is not mandatory in when an employee is promoted to new position/department?

Answer: Because employee is already familiar with organization. It is a type of internal source selection.

Q5: What is job description?

Answer: It is a document which describes roles, responsibilities and relation of one job with other job.

Q6: Name the steps involved in process of staffing.

     i.    Man power planning
ii.   Recruitment
iii.  Selection
iv.   Placement
v.    Induction
vi.   Training and Development
viii. Performance Appriasial
ix.   Promotion and Career planning
x.    Compenstion

Q7: Name the process of streamlining the attributes of a person required for doing a job.

Answer: Selection

Q8: What is job specification?

Answer: It is a process of streamlining the attributes of a person required to do a job.

Q9: Name the step in the process of selection helps the manager to eliminate unqualified or unfit job seekers based on the information supplied in the application forms.

Answer: Preliminary Screening

Q10: State one difference between training and development.

Answer: Training is used to add skills abilities of the workers. Development involves improving the capacities and capability of the managerial personnel.

Q11: Name the case study method of imparting training? 

Answer: Real or Hypothetical problem analysis.

Q12: Name the concept which deals with recruitment, selection, development, utilization, compensation and motivation of human resources of the organization.

Answer: Human Resource Management.

Q13: What is the next step after selection?

Answer: Placement and Orientation.

Q14: What is pre-requisite to selection?

Answer: Recruitment

Q15: State one limitation of incorrect placement.

Answer: It leads to wastage of efforts, energy, time and resources and thus results in poor productivity and quality of the product. It often brings disillusionment in assigned employees.

Q16: Name the agencies run by the Government as a source of recruitment for unskilled and skilled operative jobs.

Answer: Employment Exchange

Q17: What is Vestibule training?

Answer: It involves setting up a dedicated training centre which mocks up the actual work environment.

Q18: State one benefit of promotion as sources of recruitment.

Answer: It improves loyalty and satisfaction level of employees.

Q19: Which type of personnel is recruited by management consultancy firms?

Answer: Management consultancy firms help the organization to recruit technical, professional and managerial personnel.

Q20: What is called the vertical shifting of employees both upward and downward?

Answer: Promotion (upward) and Demotion (downward)

Q21: Name the test which is used as a measure of individual’s potential for learning new skills.

Answer: Aptitude Test

Q22: Name the formal, in-depth conversation conducted to evaluate the applicant’s suitability for job called.

Answer: Employee interview

Q23: Name the type of training is a joint programme of training in which educational institutions and business firms cooperate?

Answer:  Internship training

Q24: Trainee is put under the guidance of a master worker to require a higher level of skill. For example to become plumber , electrician etc. Which method of training is referred here.

Answer: Apprenticeship programme.

Q25: State one reason why transfer is done? 

Answer: To balance the deficit and surplus of manpower in different branches.

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