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CBSE Class 10 Science - CH 14 - Sources Of Energy (Short Q and A)

Sources Of Energy

Short Q & A based on NCERT Chapter Source Of Energy

CBSE Class 10 Science - CH 14 - Sources Of Energy (Short Q and A)

Q1: What are the important limitations of wind energy?

  1. Cost of maintaining wind energy is high
  2. Wind energy farms can be established only at places where wind blows for greater part of year and speed is greater than 15 kmph.

Q2: What are hot spots?

Answer: Due to geological changes molten rock forms in deeper hot region of the earth's crust are pushed upwards which gets collected at some depth below the earth surface. These regions or places are called hot spots.

Q3: State one limitation in harnessing geothermal energy.

Answer: Geothermal hot spots are scattered. Usually these are some distance away from the area that needs energy.

Q4: What are the limitations in harnessing tidal energy?


Few suitable places for building tidal energy farms.
Rise and fall of water is not enough to generate electricity on large scale.

Q5: Why is CNG considered an environmental friendly fuel?

Answer: CNG does not produce any pollutant or toxic gases on burning.

Q6: Which of the following gases is a major constituent of biogas : Carbon monoxide, hydrogen, methane, carbon dioxide?

Answer: Methane (around 75%)

Q7: Why are solar cookers covered with glass plate?

Answers: Glass plate is used to trap heat radiation which raises the temperature inside the box (green house effect).

Q8: Why the Geothermal energy is classified as a renewable sources of energy?

Answer: Geothermal energy is available for a long time, hence it is considered as renewable source.

Q9: What are the advantages of constructing dams for hydroelectric power station?


  1. To generate electricity
  2. To provide water for irrigation and control floods.

Q10: Why do we prefer thermal power plants near coal or oil fields?

Answer: Transmission of electricity is more efficient than transporting coal or petroleum over a distance.

Q11: What is the use of residual slurry in a biogas plant?

Answer: It is used as rich organic manure.

Q12: What kind of mirror concave, convex of plane should be best suited for use in a solar cooker?

Answer: Concave mirror. It reflects and concentrates solar energy from a large area to smaller one.

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