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CBSE Class 7 - Our Pasts II - CH5 - Rulers And Buildings (Q and A)

Rulers And Buildings

Architecture of Hindu Temple

Short Questions and Answers based on NCERT Chapter 

Q1: Who constructed the first balcony of of Qutb Minar?

Answer: Qutubudin Aibak (1199)

Q2: Who built the Agra fort?

Answer: Akbar

Q3: What is trabeate?

Answer: It is a style of architecture in which roofs, doors and windows are made by placing a horizontal beam across two vertical columns.

Q4: Who constructed Kandariya Mahadeva Temple?

Answer: King Dhangadeva of the Chandela dynasty in 999 AD.

Q5: Name the main hall in a temple where dances were performed.

Answer: Mahamandap

Q6: Name the shrine room in a Hindu temple where image of Cheif Diety is kept.

Answer: Garbhagriha

Q7: Name the famous temple near to the village called Charupallam, the "Village of the Incline".

Answer: Rajarajeshvara temple at Thanjavur.

Q8: Which type of architecture was used in constructing Alai Darwaza (early 14th Century)?

Answer: True Arch called “arcuate”.

Q9: Who constructed Hauz-i Sultani?

Answer: Sultan Iltutmish

Q10: Where is Golden Temple situated?

Answer: Amritsar (Punjab)

Q11: Name the king who built a Shiva temple in his capital and filled it with prized statues seized from defeated rulers.

Answer: Chola king Rajendra I

Q12: List the two important aspects of Mughal architecture.

Answer: The central towering dome and the tall gateway (pishtaq).

Q13: Name the Mughal emperor who wanted to show a connection between royal justice and the imperial court in his newly constructed court at Red Fort, Delhi?

Answer: Shah Jahan

Q14: In Vrindavan, near Mathura, temples built during 14th century resemble to which palace?

Answer: They were very similar to the Mughal palaces in Fatehpur Sikri.

Q15: What is a shikhara?

Answer: Tower like structure on the top of a temple.

Q16: What is pietra-dura?

Answer: It is a technique where coloured, hard stones were placed in depressions carved into marble or sandstone, to create beautiful ornate patterns.

Q17: Name the roof style which was adopted by Bengal rulers.

Answer: A thatched hut.

Q18: What stone was used to construct Govind Deva temple in Vrindavan in 1590?

Answer: Red sandstone

Image attribution "Thanjavur temple" by The original uploader was Venu62 at English Wikipedia - Transferred from en.wikipedia to Commons.. Licensed under Public Domain via Commons.


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