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CBSE Class 10 - History - The Rise Of Nationalism In Europe (Important Definitions)

The Rise Of Nationalism In Europe 

Important Definitions

CBSE Class 10 - History - The Rise Of Nationalism In Europe (Important Definitions)
The Titan's Goblet - Painted by Thomas Cole in 1833
- An allegorical depiction

Q1: Define Nationalism.

Answer: A sense of belonging to one nation. Its a feeling of pride and patriotism towards country one belongs to.

Q2: What is Plebiscite?

Answer: A direct vote by which the people of a region, themselves decide to accept or reject a proposal.

Q3: Who is an absolutist?

Answer: It refers to an unrestricted, despotic and authoritarian often referred to central repressive monarchy government.

Q4: Define Monarchy

Answer: It is a form of government headed by a king or family members or a dynasty family.

Q5: What is suffrage?

Answer: It means right to vote.

Q6: What is Civil Code?

Answer: It refers to a systematic set of laws for the citizens.

Q7: Define Liberalism.

Answer: Liberalism is derived from Latin word which means "free". It stands for freedom of individual and equality of all before law. It stands for representative government.

Q8: Who were Jacobins?

Answer: It was a French political group who contested elections after French revolution. It was the most influential among other political groups.

Q9: What is Das Volk?

Answer: It is a German word which means common people.

Q10: What is Allegory?

Answer: It is a symbol representing an abstract idea, generally identified by an imagery, person or thing. eg Broken Chains means 'Being Freed'.

Q11: Define Romanticism.

Answer: A Cultural Movement which aimed at developing a particular form of national sentiment and promote a feeling of collective heritage as like basis of nation.

Q12: What was the definition of Nationalism according to Ernst Renan?

Answer:  According to Ernst Renan, A nations is a culmination of a long past of endeavours, sacrifices and devotion.


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