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Class 7 - Our Environment - Ch7 - Human Environment - Settlement, Transport and Communication (NCERT Solution)

Human Environment - Settlement, Transport and Communication 

NCERT Chapter Solution

Q1: What are the four means of transport?

Answer:  Four major means of transport are:
(a) Roadways
(b) Railways
(c) Waterways
(d) Airways

Q2: What do you understand by the term ‘settlement’?

Answer: Settlement is a place where people build their homes. It can be temporary or permanent.

Q3: Which are the activities practised by the rural people?

Answer: Rural people practise various activities like agriculture, fishing, forestry, crafts work and trading etc.

Q4: Mention any two merits of railways.

Answer: Merits of railways are:
i. carry heavy goods.
ii. carry people to long distances quickly and cheaply.

Q5: What do you understand by communication?

Answer: Communication is the process of conveying messages to other people and places.

Q6: What is mass media? 

Answer: Mass media is a way to learn about world and the events occurring in the world.

Q7(MCQ): Which is NOT a means of communication?

(a) telephone
(b) books
(c) table

Answer: (c) table

Q8(MCQ): Which type of road is constructed under the ground?

(a) fly over
(b) expressways
(c) subways

Answer: (c) subways

Q9(MCQ): Which mode of transport is most suitable to reach an island?

(a) ship
(b) train
(c) car

Answer: (a) ship

Q10(MCQ): Which vehicle does not pollute the environment

(a) cycle
(b) bus
(c) aeroplane

Answer: (a) cycle

Q11: Match the following.
(i) Internet (a) areas where people are engaged in manufacturing, trade and services
(ii) Canal route (b) closely built area of houses
(iii) Urban areas (c) houses on stilts
(iv) Compact settlement (d) inland waterway
(e) a means of communication

Answer: (i) -   (e)
(ii) -  (d)
(iii) - (a)
(iv) -  (b)

Q12: Give reasons. 
(i) Today’s world is shrinking.

Answer: We live in a world which has no numerous and efficient means of communication to connect people. In a fraction any news can spread to the entire world. The modern technology provides sophisticated means to travel across the world. The world has turned into a large global society. Airways help people travel thousands of miles in few hours. Internet has connected people in no time. It is true the world is shrinking connecting people to each other.


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