Monday 7 December 2015

CBSE Class 12 - Business Studies - Marketing vs Selling

Marketing Management
Marketing vs Selling

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Q: Distinguish between Marketing and Selling on the basis of

(a) Meaning
(b) Objective
(c) Scope
(d) Importance
(e) Orientation
(f) Point of Start
(g) Approach
(h) Control
(i) Price
(j) Technology Focus


1.Meaning It is the process of production and
distribution of goods and services as desired/needed by of goods and services as desired/needed by customers.
It is the process of distribution of goods and services irrespective of customers' needs.
2. Objective Ensures customers get maximum satisfaction.Increase sales volumes.
3. ScopeWider scope includes selling.Narrower scope and is part of marketing.
4. Importance Consumer is important.Product or Service is important.
5. Orientation Profits through customer satisfaction.Profits through sales volumes.
6. Point of StartIt starts before production and continues even after sales.It begins after production is over and ends with the delivery of goods.
7. ApproachIntegrated approach to achieve long term goals.Piecemeal approach to achieve short term goals.
8. ControlGenerally controlled and owned by external agency.Controlled by company itself.

9. PriceConsumer determines price, price determines cost.Cost determines price.
10. Technology FocusEmphasis on innovation, adopting superior Technology.Emphasis on staying with existing technology and reducing costs.

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