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CBSE Class 6 - Science - CH 8 - Body Movements (Worksheet)

Body Movements

Worksheet based on NCERT Chapter

Types of Joints in Human Skeleton
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Fill in the blanks with suitable words.

1. The bony framework which gives shape to the body is called ___________.

2. The skeletal system is comprised of __________, ___________ and _____________.

3. Small bones that make up the back bone are known as _____________.

4. Give an example of pivot joint.


5. Movement is brought about by the contraction and relaxation of ____________.

6. Some additional parts of the skeleton that are not as hard as bones and can be bent are called __________.

7. Muscles can only ________ but not ________.

8. Two organs protected by the rib cage are ______ and ________.

9. The finger bones do not have joints. (True/False)  _________.

10. The only movable bone present in a skull is _______.

Answer the following

11. X and Y are the two bones to which the two ends of the ribs are attached to form rib cage. Identify X and Y.

   X: _________              Y: ______________

12. Write any one feature which helps a bird to reduce its body weight.


13. What is the shape that fishes, birds, aeroplanes and ships have that minimizes air/water resistance?


14. What do you think would have happened if the backbone had only one long bone instead of many small bones?



15. This is the part of the skeleton which encloses the portion of your body below the stomach. Identify it and explain the type of joint present in this structure.
CBSE Class 6 - Science - CH 8 - Body Movements (Worksheet)



1. skeleton
2. bones, ligaments, cartilage
3. vertebrae
4. The joint between head and neck is a pivot joint.
5. muscles
6. cartilage
7. contract (be pulled), expand (be pushed)
8. heart, lungs
9. False
10. lower jaw.
11. back bone, chest bone
12. Hollow bones of a bird make its body light weight.
13. Streamlines body
14. One cannot bend forward or backward.
15. Pelvic bones. It has ball and socket joint in which round end of leg bone fits in.


  1. It's good as it is knowledgeable

  2. question no. 1,4 I don't think that the answer is that
    because it should be the first 2 vertidrae of the back
    bone (neck)


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