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CBSE Class 7 - Geography - CH 10 - Life in the Deserts (NCERT Solutions)

Life in the Deserts

CBSE Class 7 - Geography - CH 10 -  Life in the Deserts (NCERT Solutions)
Monastery in Ladakh Region
photo credits: MartinPosta

NCERT Chapter 10 Textbook Solutions

Q1: What are the two types of deserts found in the world?

Answer: Hot Deserts and Cold Deserts

Q2: In which continent is the Sahara desert located?

Answer: It is located in northern part of Africa continent.

Q3: What are the climatic conditions of the Ladakh desert?

Answer: Ladakh climate is extremely cold and dry. During summer the temperature varies from 3° C to 30° C and in winters it ranges from -20° C to -35° C

Q4: What mainly attracts tourists to Ladakh?

Answer: Trekking, Monasteries and adventure tourism mainly attracts people visit Ladakh.

Q5: What type of clothes the people of the Sahara desert wear?

Answer: Heavy robes to protect against heavy winds and wind storms.

Q6: Name the trees that grow in Ladakh.

Answer: It is a high arid region, vegetation is scanty. Grooves of willows and poplars are seen in the valley. Fruits like apricots, walnuts, apples grow in this region.

Q7(MCQ): Sahara is located in which part of Africa

(a) eastern
(b) northern
(c) western

Answer: (b) northern

Q8(MCQ): Sahara is what type of desert

(a) cold
(b) hot
(c) mild

Answer: (b) hot

Q9(MCQ): The Ladakh desert is mainly inhabited by

(a) Christians and Muslims
(b) Buddhists and Muslims
(c) Christians and Buddhists

Answer: (b) Buddhists and Muslims

Q10(MCQ): Deserts are characterised by

(a) scanty vegetation
(b) heavy precipitation
(c) low evaporation

Answer: (a) scanty vegetation

Q11(MCQ): Hemis in the Ladakh is a famous

(a) temple
(b) church
(c) monastery

Answer: (c) monastery

Q12(MCQ): Egypt is famous for growing

(a) wheat
(b) maize
(c) cotton

Answer: (a) wheat

Q13: Match the following.

(i) Oasis (a) Libya
(ii) Bedouins (b) monastery
(iii) Oil (c) glacier
(iv) Gangri (d) depressions with water
(v) Lamayuru (e) Sahara

Answer: (i) - (d),
    (ii) - (e)
   (iii) - (a)
   (iv) - (c)
   (v) - (b)

Q14: Give reasons.
(i) There is scanty vegetation in the deserts.
(ii) People of the Sahara desert wear heavy robes.


(i) Deserts face extreme low or high temperatures which is not suitable for vegetation to grow. Therefore there is scanty vegetation.

(ii) Heavy robes protect Saharan people from dusty hot winds and wind storms.


  1. Egyptian crops increased by 20 percent in the decade between 2004 and 2014. Cotton is the biggest fiber crop and the leading export. Wheat and rice, also popular exports, are successful cereal crops grown there.

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  3. Yes u r right the answer of question 12 is cotton


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